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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey Happiness

Yesterday I watched two and a half hockey games, an episode of Shark Byte and NHL2Night. *sighs happily* Chip watched Shark Byte with me and commented, "Dan McGillis is a good-looking guy."

I've only watched Sharks/Bruins to almost the end of the second period, but I don't think we played that too badly. Like, in some of the previous games, you could almost literally see the Sharks lay down and fall asleep, but I didn't get that vibe in that game. Maybe in the third period, LOL!

Eee, Sharks/Ducklings!!! Maybe after watching/reading about Ducklings/Kings we figured out that the way to beat the Ducklings is to beat them into submission. LOL! Poor little things. *picks up battered ducklings and puts them in her pocket* Giguere looks like he had an off night though, like the last two goals he probably could have saved.

I have no idea what to get Chip for Christmas. (The late thing is totally acceptable in our household) Maybe I'll get him a Bertuzzi bobblehead. *cough*

Started playing Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. I actually quite like it so far - it has an interesting story. Unfortunately I'm on a stealth mission right now. I'm horrible with stealth. I like to run into a room guns blazing and hope I can kill everything before they kill me.

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and commented, "Dan McGillis is a good-looking guy."

heh ... my comment last night was "McGillis is too cute to not be a goalie" *grins*

ok and did you so love Nabby's teasing Drew about his lack of hair? *giggle*

and WHAT was up with Harvey wearing an autographed jersey to the Winchester Mystery House?!

But he just doesn't have that spark of insanity! You can't be a proper goalie without the potential to become insane! :)

Ahh, that was so adorable, and then at the end where he was like *sniffle* "I need a hug." Too cute!

It was autographed? By himself? LOL! How funny! *giggle* I didn't notice that.

Lol, I about died. Harvey wearing an autographed Harvey jersey was the first thing that popped into my mind. I was about to ask if it was autographed by him, but you beat me to it. Damn you, soulmate! Stealing my best lines.

Teehee! I wonder who would do something like that. *immediately thinks of Brett Hull*

*gggg* Im sure chip woudl approve *giggles*

*licks the sharkies*

I think he would protest loudly, then play with it when he's by himself. :)

*nids* I agreee *ggg* sopeaking of that I need to order him nazzy dan and trevor and cookie and... *gg* Okay maybe just natuzzi hehehe

*giggle* I'm not sure he has Nazzy love. He only likes big "hunky" guys I think. *grin*

Y'all didn't beat them as badly as the Kings did. They were gosh darn vicious. *pets them*

*sigh* I enjoyed the commentators and their little ditty about Thorty and how he usally owns the Ducklings with his physical play. I think it was Jeff who said, "I'll most definitely be keeping my eye on Scott Thornton." Hmm.. Okay, it was much slashier at the time. *g*

Yes, we are sweet and gentle. :)

Ahh!!! Now you gave me Thorty/Duckling bunnies!!! Not that that's a bad thing. And that is definitely slashy. *grin*

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