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Obviously I brought them together

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarian!!!!! :D I could have burst with pride! (And I got a little sniffly, which I totally wasn't expecting.)

Thanks to everyone for answering the TV poll! It's really cool to find out what shows everyone likes. The big winner was House, followed by Heroes and Lost/Bones (tied). If you're curious about the results, you can see them here. And if you haven't answered yet, please do!

The phrase "possibly accidental ass-to-mouth" is definitely one of the best selling points to get me to read a fic. ♥ robi0688

boardnow sent me an awesome article about Petr! It kind of kills me to imagine Petr's wife giving him you-are-such-an-idiot looks. :D

Petr's uncanny ability during scrums to immediately hone in on the least threatening person on the other team has been on display in the Rangers series. His preferred cuddling partners are his Czech buddies. See for yourself in Games 2 and 3!

Snuggling with his buddy Prucha.

Snuggling with his idol Straka.

In both cases he there is cuddling, then navigating a safe distance away from the scrum, then watching. I can't believe he cross checked Jagr into the crossbar. He's going to get evicted. :P
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