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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Went to Chip's family's Christmas Eve party yesterday. It was kind of strange. Chip wasn't going around talking to people and introducing himself (Yes, it's his family but it was kind of an extended family thing) and people were approaching us and they were nice and all but I kind of wanted to meet some people our age or younger.

Especially UCLA girl! (I'll get back to this) So I would have started talking to people myself except I felt so damn awkward. It's like, "Hi, I'm Mae, Chip's girlfriend." "Who's Chip?" "He's the son of the guy who owns this house." "Oh, who's that?" (Chip said they wouldn't really know who he or his dad are even though the party is at their house)

Anyway, UCLA girl! At some point, I overhear this girl saying she's a freshman at UCLA and she's on the soccer team and I'm thinking, hey maybe Tammy knows her! So I ask Chip to introduce us and he refuses to repeatedly because he doesn't really know her. I mean maybe I could have been strange and stalky and like gone and struck up a conversation with her, but (I think, anyway) it would have been so weird! Like, there's nothing wrong if you're the son of the host of the party and sort of the host yourself to go introduce yourself to someone at your party, right?

All the people I did meet were very articulate and intelligent, or at least well-informed. Smart family. A few are kind of teetering towards insanity, though.

The only negative experience I had was some guy asked me if I was from China. I wasn't really offended, that question just made me think he was an ignorant dumbass. You don't go around asking people things like that! It's like going up to a black person and asking if they're from Zimbabwe, or a random white person if they're from Germany. It just makes no sense - why would you think that - especially in the Bay Area?

We're probably going to head over to Chip's dad's house later today to hang out with him and try to finish the leftover food. To tell the truth, I kind of like the house better when it's a big mess, and it's just his dad around. It's a lot more relaxing and it feels homier.

It'd be nice to watch some hockey together too. ;)

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