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So not ready

What do you mean it's Game 1 already? I've barely recovered from Game 7! I need more rest. :P

This is the second most satisfying series win for me behind the '04 win over the Avs. I don't have any residual resentment from the '04 Flames series or anything because pre and post lockout teams are so different. Plus I do still like the ex-Sharks on that team.

But this series win was important because of Game 3. I wish we could have hung on to win that, but at the same time, at the end of that game in a strange way I liked the adversity. Patty gets clobbered and the Sharks blow a 3-0 lead to go down in the series 2-1, but I knew that the Sharks would be able to come back from that and redeem themselves. And now when people look back at this series, it will be the Flames blowing a lead with 5 minutes left in Game 4, not the Sharks crumbling in Game 3.

I loved the moment at the end of the handshake line when Nabby and Owen hugged and the fans cheered. Because wow, they're still good friends and people still love Owen and what he did for us, but at the same time it's like... the new Sharks are moving on. The old Sharks - Owen, Miikka, Wayne Primeau (and Darryl Sutter) - are going home.

Watched the postgame on CBC and I can't believe that they interviewed Phaneuf right after the game. That's just plain cruel. :( He looked like he was going to start crying at any moment, and he kept sighing and he could barely speak when he was asked questions.

Now that I'm a few days removed from it, I look back on Game 7 and I think wow, I was at the first Game 7 ever played in San Jose and we won. I will always be a little amazed by that. :)

Boreanaz was on NHL Live again recently and he said that he was rushing into his trailer in between filming scenes to watch Game 7 of the Flyers series, haha. I love how much of a fan he is.

[Edit: Joe Thornton stayed up late playing Risk with some of the guys the night before Game 7. Apparently he won and said "I conquered the world!" Meanwhile Joe Pavelski watched The Tudors. He neglected to mention whether he then proceeded to watch hardcore porn.]

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