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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Stupid poll

Poll #1170082 Good vs pretty good

If someone says that the chances of something happening are "pretty good" vs "good", which would indicate the higher chance of it happening?

Pretty good

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I hate, hate, hate the use of "pretty good," "pretty much," "kind of," and watered-down statements in general . . . but I still use them informally, because I'm lazy. ;)

Err, I meant excessive use.

Yeah, given the responses to the poll, there's obviously some confusion as to what it really means.

I think it's interesting! I didn't consider using it out loud, when I think it's much more open to interpretation. I just thought written, and I do think that, say: "My chances are pretty good; I pretty much aced that test" is just* adding unnecessary words and is a weaker statement than "My chances are good; I aced that test."

*I abuse "just" a lot in this manner, too. :)

Good, to me, is concrete. Pretty good is wishy-washy and not completely good.

It's all about the inflection and body language. If it's "pretty good" with a little shrug, it's not as likely to happen. But if it's "pretty good" with a nod, then it's on.

Yeah, Chip was saying that it's to do with the tone involved. But you know, I expect even "pretty good" to mean over 50%! :P

BTW have you watched the A's in Japan special?

Edited at 2008-04-13 08:06 pm (UTC)

ZOMG, Cros giving Street crap about how "sweet" he was and everyone taking pictures of him tying his shoes? I was like, wow, Cros and Street are unexpectedly chummy... but then I realized that 1) they lived together for a year, and 2) they don't know anyone else on the team anymore.

I knew Street would be popular in Japan! I like the argument he had about being late. :D

I had to think about this one and even though the most strict definition of "pretty good" is "kind of good" aka being wishy-washy about wanting to label something as good, more recently, people are using the "pretty" to make it "better than good." It's like people think tacking on a random adjective increases the strength of the word? It's sort of like using the word "ass" to increase the strength of a noun even if it makes no sense literally, as in "it is ass-cold in here." English is stupid.

So I think your poll is going to be split down the middle :-P

Yeah my instinctive thought was that pretty good is like good+, but after thinking about it a while, it seems more like less than good. And you're right, it did end up being 40/60, so it's kind of a pointless modifier, I guess. :P

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