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No putting it in the back door :(

I was woken up early this morning by a fucking moth fluttering in my face. Where did this moth come from? I keep my window closed all the time! Argh, talk about a rude awakening.

David Boreanaz was on NHL Live yesterday talking Flyers hockey. I really like him (mostly from Buffy but he's good in Bones too) and he's a big fan, watches not just the Flyers but knows about the rest of the league. He reminded me of when a certain someone would make tons of really insightful posts about the Flyers with in-depth analysis and I miss that. *sniffle*

Anyway, here's the interview. Bizarrely it looks like some German Angel fan forum has found it already.

In sad news, I had been checking on the NHL Network schedule for a replay of the Pens game (because I have the CBC feed and I wanted the Pens feed because that has the interview where Petr talks about "putting it in the back door") and didn't find any, but then this morning I wake up and turn the TV on and and... it's playing! But too late for me to record. :( I will just have to live with my memory of what he said... which won't last very long given my memory. :P
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