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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Oh, Petr

Watched the Pens game on Yahoo and they interviewed Petr at intermission and he said something about "putting it in the back door". Seriously. Then in the postgame he talked about the Sens scoring a "cheesy goal" on the PP and when asked about what he was drinking he said "it's a secret--I can't tell you"...

Still no hat trick. :P

[Edit: 2.30 AM and every apartment in my building has their lights on. WTF?]

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How many times did he adjust himself? Ha. I watched the game, but I didn't see him do it.

I didn't see any! I guess he was just so excited that he didn't have to as much...

That or he's gotten really good at doing it that we don't notice anymore. :)

Haha, maybe. I love when does it during a play. Or while he's raising his stick to celebrate a goal, muahaha!


I was just telling Jen the other night how ageless he is and how he'll forever look innocent and sweet.

I know! They were showing something from 2000 when he brought the Cup to the Czech Republic and he looks pretty much the same. :P

He compares it to the Curse of Bambino!

I wanted them to let him score that EN goal so much! But yeah...he kills me! :D

I think his problem is he isn't often trusted to be on the ice for empty net situations. ;)

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