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The Invincible M.A.E.

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The Geek is Rising

Watched Star Trek: Nemesis last night with Chip and Alex. It had some horrid plot holes but it was enjoyable overall. Chip slashed Picard and Riker in the first five minutes of the movie. I was a bit horrified.

Had yummy Indonesian food for dinner. *weeps* I love good food. Fuck ambience and service. It's all about the food. *nods*

Chip and Alex have decided that the way to get rid of my hockey obsession is to replace it with another, namely Dungeons & Dragons. I must admit, being a DM was pretty fun, except that the two of them are vile rules rapists. It also takes them like ... 8 hours to create new characters.

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Just wait til you start throwing in your favorite players at NPCs! :)

*hides the character sheet for the NPC thief named Jaro*

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