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*cough* *sniffle*

I made what ended up being a bad decision to go out last night for dinner (because I got myself sicker) and only caught the last 5 minutes of the game. From what I've heard from various sources, it sounds like the Sharks got "oh shit it's the playoffs!" syndrome again, thus I am strangely not concerned!

Anyway, since I haven't actually watched the full game, I don't have any comments and will instead talk about... Ryan Malone. No, really. I always thought that he's one of those guys who look older than they are, but I thought he was like... 23 and he's actually the age he looks. Oops. He has really grown on me! Well, as of early February, that is (I'm a little behind on the Pens games). He's like a Ryane Clowe type, which is a Scott Thornton type. :D

This is as a player, of course. All the Pens players that I like traumatize me to varying degrees. Malkin? Self-explanatory (weird note--neither of his parents are ugly). Tyler Kennedy? Resembles pig. Fleury? Horse mouth. Ryan Malone... okay, nothing physically wrong with him, but if I ever found myself face to face with him, I would have the Joe Thornton reaction, i.e. run away screaming.

I kind of wish I could just take the next month off to watch hockey. I actually managed to watch almost every game in some seasons but I was only working part-time then. Stupid growing up and stuff. And I haven't been this excited to watch the Red Wings play in six years. :P
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