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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Those other sports

Happy birthday, littlestclouds!!! :D

Still sick but at work. I'm of the belief that sitting around at home will just hinder my recovery time, but not working for too long because... that will hinder my recovery time too. Shh, it's a delicate balance!

This is the last day I have of (relative) relaxation before the insanity that is the playoffs takes over my life and leaves me a quivering wreck, unable to perform anything beyond the most basic functions. Sleepless nights, heart palpitations, menstrual cycle disruption... IT'S THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR, PEOPLE!!!

Umm, anyway, checking in on my other quasi-fandoms, I see that the Warriors are in a pretty tight race for the last playoff spot. I'm pretty much over any bitterness I may have had so uhh, go Warriors! Perhaps they can sneak in and upset a #1 again. The Stanford women's basketball team has made it to the NCAA Final! I haven't watched them at all yet (because they don't have freakish 7-foot tall twins) but I think I will tonight. Grab the last bandwagon seat. ;)

I watched the first episode of The Bronx is Burning on the flight back from Texas and I really liked it! I generally like movies that are set in different time periods, and there's this one scene where Reggie Jackson is in a restaurant and some rich old white guy is with Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle and he wants Reggie Jackson's T-shirt (it says "superstar" on it) and Reggie Jackson goes over and just takes his T-shirt off and gives it to him. I just can't see that kind of thing happening in the sports world nowadays. I mean, I'm sure there's a lot of crazy stuff that happens in private, but I guess... stuff that's done in public?

The whole New York in turmoil thing was interesting too, although they seemed to mainly be focused on the Son of Sam killer (so far) and I would have liked to see a broader representation of the atmosphere/zeitgeist. At some point in a restaurant Reggie Jackson compares it to places in North Beach which made me go !!! in my head (yes, I think in exclamation marks) so I went and checked Wikipedia and found out he played for Oakland! So that made me even more interested. Plus I'm intrigued by intelligent athletes.

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Thanks Mae! :D Happy (belated) birthday back at you!

I am feeling overwhelmed by all the Sharks articles today!


Hehe, I haven't read a thing yet! I'll probably check some stuff out tomorrow.

Just a little side note:

My mom grew up in Queens, where the Son of Sam killer primarily struck. She and her friend were walking down the street when a camera crew took a shot of her friend, which played on the nightly news as, 'This girl could be a potential victim of the Son of Sam!' Shortly after that, he stopped killing. But just a strange coincidence.

Weird and kind of creepy!!! The only time my family ever got in the news was when a reporter took a picture of my dad making an illegal right turn in a parking garage. I think the headline started "Pig-headed drivers..."


Though that is something I would do..:P

bronx is burning is amazing! i was glued to it and watched it back to back to back!!

glad you are feeling better!! :)

I really like it so far! I have all the episodes loaded onto my portable media player so I can watch them anytime! :)

Only slightly related to the SOS

I don't think I ever told you about the summer my father was almost a murderer.

So after my dad died, the police called up to ask him some questions and I handled the call because my mom didn't want to. Well, it turns out they had reopened the investigation of a murder when my mom and dad were both college-age. My dad was close friends with this uber-sexy, sultry red head (my mom's description) and she'd been murdered in her apartment one summer night. My dad wrote a lot of poetry in college so there were all these poems he written to her and about her, and I guess the police at the time thought he might have been stalking her, so they questioned him at the time.

Anyways, what I think is hilarious is that my mom and him were living in Westwood area at the time. I guess it was my mom's apartment and my dad was being all bohemian chic and rat-tat-tat-typing on his typewriter and doing drugs at night to improve his writing. The summer this murder happened (and a whole bunch of other murders and related assaults happened...it was totally weird, like serial summer or something) was super hot and the night of the murder my mom was asleep. So my dad decides he wants ice cream at midnight so he leaves the door locked and jumps out the window (which he plans to crawl back into later) so he doesn't have to bother my mom and wake her up for a key.

So he leaves for ice cream and then sneaks back in and my mom wakes up and gets mad at him for not bringing back ice cream for her (ha ha, sorry tangent).

So the police are questioning my dad because they're like, "You are a skinny loser with a permed fro and you're writing dumb poetry to a hot chick. Clearly, you must be a stalker/murderer." I guess my dad freaked out and told my mom if the police talked to her to tell them that he hadn't sneaked out of their apartment for ice cream at midnight since that was around the same time that his friend's murder took place. I guess, though, in the end they didn't have to ask my mom for an alibi so my mom never had to lie to the police.

I guess like 30 years later, the girl's mom wanted the case reopened so they wanted to talk to my dad. Instead they got to talk to my mom who was like, "You should look into her boyfriend! He seemed like the murdering type!" (Oh, mom) I guess, though, the police agreed and had investigated him pretty thoroughly at the time and he'd had an alibi. To which my mom replied, "Are you sure? He seemed like the murdering type."

... My family, man.

Re: Only slightly related to the SOS

You did tell me about this, but not quite in such detail! Did your parents both go to UCLA? Then you would be a little UCLA family! *ahem*

I love the ice cream tangent. :D

I suppose her mom felt she didn't have much time left and wanted to give one last try at finding out what happened. I can't believe your mom said "murdering type" to the police, haha. I mean I'm sure they deal with crazy all the time and that didn't even register with them, but...

Re: Only slightly related to the SOS

Just my dad.

I think she went on to say that he was ultra-possessive/jealous and didn't just stop the conversation there. I do feel bad for her mom because I'm really not sure what they can do with cases like that which are so old and were cold for so long.

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