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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Rissmiller

Fo' shizzle my Rizzle!

Thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes. I really appreciated them. *sniffle*

Also, I have clips to share! backcheck somehow found this one of Patrick Rissmiller in a bathtub with two guys. Uhh, yeah. I about died when he first appeared and I was like, OMG THAT'S REALLY HIM!!! Doesn't he look like a drug dealer?

Watched a Versus game from 2 months ago and they had this feature on Luc Robitaille's charity shootout something in Sundance and and and there were celebrities who play hockey there! David Boreanaz (Angel)! Taylor Kitsch (Riggins from Friday Night Lights)! David Annable (Justin from Brothers & Sisters)! Anyway, I was going to check if that clip had been uploaded yet to YouTube (otherwise I'd do it) and I found a clip of Boreanaz and Riggins "fighting"!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

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The second video is hilarious -- both of them were at the ASG! I want to see Taylor Kitsch in a hockey spinoff of FNL now. :O!

Also, hahahahaha my favorite part of the bathtub interview was the picture of Feist when he described Pavelski as "feisty." Trufax I would get into Patrick Rissmiller's white van if he had candy.

Ooh I remember seeing Riggins there cos' he was MCing but I don't remember seeing Boreanaz! How exciting. :)

Oh, so that's what it was! I didn't recognise her. It all makes sense now...

I am thankful for other distractions taking me away from the possibility of photoshopping Pavelski's head onto Feist's body.


For some reason, the fact that he has a Wisconsin accent makes things worse.

The slang episode of Shark Byte -- cheddar hahahahaha.

First, happy belated birthday.



Notice, if you will, the placement of Petr's head in that picture.

They all look so ... GAY. That's really the only word to describe it.

Oh God yes. My team doesn't even make me WORK for the slashiness, they just put it right out there for all to see. I mean, really. Whit and Sid are playing footsies, you've got a Hall/Beech wedding photo going on in the corner, Petr's got his head in Talbot's crotch...

Yeah. My team couldn't be much gayer, and I love them for it.


I was just stalking your LJ a little bit, because it is covered in JONNY, and that makes me happy, and I think I may have to friend you now. :)

I wonder if someone posed them (which still isn't an excuse!) or if they just said, okay, just do whatever you want. Either way, HA HA HA that's pretty great.

Your icon makes me (∩_∩) a lot. Frenzing back!

I have a pathetic love for Jonathan Toews, it all started when I heard him drop the F-bomb on national TV. And then I discovered that he's also a multiple time offender re: underage drinking arrests! He's a bad boy, but a good boy, and aldjfaljdfjladf, MY BRAIN CANNOT HANDLE IT.

And then he's all intense and dedicated to the game, and he's just SO FUCKING GOOD, and oh god, I adore him so hard.

Ahem. Sorry. It's late and I should be asleep.

Jonny love is never pathetic omg. :)) HE'S SO ~*FIERCE*~

My goal is to one day meet Jonny. It's quite difficult to figure out, seeing as he plays in Chicago, and I live in Pittsburgh, which means he'll be in my city at most, once a season, so I don't know. BUT SOMEDAY, DAMMIT. SOMEDAY JONATHAN TOEWS, I WILL SHAKE YOUR HAND AND BUY YOU A BEER and slip a roofie in it!.

...What's that I said about needing to sleep?

Hopefully he'll be at the fanvention this summer, and I can, uh, fulfill your dream? At least one part of it anyway.

That would be awesome. I was in Chicago in December, and it ended up being the weekend he and Kaner did the big signing at Hawkquarters, but there were 3084304838 people there, and I only had 2 days in Chicago, so we decided not to spend 4 hours of our time there in line, just so I could meet Jonny. I was very saddened by this turn of events.

I almost went to that, but it was finals week and I'm not a huge autographs person, but the pictures were hilarious because they were sitting next to these gigantic bobbleheads (which later sold for like hundreds of dollars ghakdf;l).

I'm not huge on autographs, necessarily, but they give me an excuse to talk to various players, so I'll use that to my advantage. *g*

OH. OH. And finding the beer bong photo, after hearing all about it repeatedly, just left me so incredibly overjoyed that I can't explain it in words.

Thank you! :D

Duuuuuuuuuude. It's just par for the course that not only is his head in someone's crotch, but that he's the only one with his head in someone's crotch. Truly one of his finest moments!

And MR from Smallville. Although I think ppl stopped caring about SV after those women gave MR a box of cockrings and a purple vibrator.

I saw that Sykora pic in your journal the other night. I love how he's growing up but retaining the silly.

Oh yeah, I saw him too in the Versus clip! I love all the Hollywood hockey boys. :)

I'm not sure if he can ever get rid of the silly. It's part of him, like his strange accent that's unique to him that makes his English sound like his Czech and like nobody else.

I think you get extra love now! you know why!!!

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