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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs!

I feel like it wasn't too long ago that I was making a post all excited about the start of the season and now I'm making a post all excited about the playoffs! :)

All the match ups are set now and all of them look like they'll be really interesting (if not necessarily competitive :P). Between Colorado and Calgary I don't think there's a big difference in how well the team would match up, but I think because of playoff history (WCF 04) the Flames make for a more interesting match up. Really, I don't want the Sharks to play anyone. :P

But yeah, I want to watch every series! There aren't any where I'll be like *yawn* or anything. Also, I'm so happy we're not playing the filthy Predators yet again this season. Let someone else knock them out on their asses.

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I think Detroit-Nashville is going to be hi-fucking-larious and I am just hoping for two-way total annihilation: the Preds will probably cheap-shot like half the Red Wings roster, who still manage to win, but are thus decimated for the next round.

Uhhhh death & destruction fantasies aside, I agree that all of these matchups should be exciting. Ducks-Stars! Wild-Avs! Pens-Sens! Man. I like not having to freak out over every game, too, although I really want the Sharks to win it. :)

It's just stunning to me how Nashville is dirtier than the Flyers and Ducks combined yet they don't have that reputation. What makes it even worse is how much they dive. It's already an embarrassment that you're destroying people's knees/shoulders/wrists/etc with illegal hits, but to combine that with diving? Blech.

I am going to be a wreck, like I am every year. *twitch*

IDK, I think a lot of fans recognize how filthy they play, even if the media doesn't. Eventually it'll catch up to them, though. I heard some pundits being all BARRY TROTZ 4 TEH JACK ADAMZ! and pretty much puked in my mouth. :|

Fans who have to face that filthy team. :P Yeah, I kind of go with the karma will get them idea too. They always end up with 12 million injuries. I can't remember the last time I saw Steve Sullivan in a game.

Ugh, people talking about Trotz that way makes me sick too because I think he's the source of all the dirtiness.

Trotz -- now there's a man with bitchy eyebrows. :|

And no neck! The man has no neck for the love of god!!!

He's like -- okay, so when I was little I used to yank the heads off all my Barbie dolls, but then I could never get them back on properly and they'd be all squished and the face would flatten out because I stuck it too far down the little neck piece -- that's what Barry Trotz's entire head reminds me of. :((

um sorry if that was a confusing description -- maybe this helps!!!

Re: um sorry if that was a confusing description -- maybe this helps!!!


Frala says she knows someone who knew Trotz in college and apparently back then he was cute and had long, lovely hair. I just don't see it. *shudder*

Re: um sorry if that was a confusing description -- maybe this helps!!!

Great, now I need to paste his head on like ... Fabio or someone. Maybe Joe Thornton's naked body hahahahha :| or maybe not.

Re: um sorry if that was a confusing description -- maybe this helps!!!


I get so bored sometimes ... nobody will talk to be about Jonas Hiller.

But yeah, I want to watch every series! There aren't any where I'll be like *yawn* or anything.

Haha, I had exactly the opposite reaction when the matchups were finalized.

I'm also very happy for you guys that you didn't get the Preds again, though. :D

All of the series have a storyline! I don't think that's happened in the past 5 seasons.

They're probably more relieved than us... although the Wings were the first team that knocked them out. :P

Oh yeah, there's certainly that. I think my apathy is more about hating (or not caring about, or being bored by) two-thirds of this year's teams, so like ... I already don't care how Caps/Flyers, Wild/Avs, Rangers/Devils play out. I want Dallas, SJ, and Detroit to win, but not in a way where I'm going to sit through Calgary, the Ducks, or the Preds to see it happen. So I'm not left with much! Basically, I'm interested to know how most of them turn out, just in the form of highlights and background noise.

... Also, I'm very grumpy right now. :P Sorry. I think it's cool that you're into all of them this year!

Ahh, well, I have confidence that every team I don't like in the playoffs isn't going to win the Cup so that helps. :P I hope the Wings completely dismantle the Preds!!!

I watch the playoffs a lot differently from most people, though. This is a combination of 1) not having grown up in a society that values sports and thus not having grown up with fan loyalty of any kind and 2) my team not having made the first playoffs I ever watched, so I really do enjoy watching series that don't involve teams I care about.

Hee, yeah, if I could believe that, I would feel a lot better! But yes, today I think I might want to catch some of the Wings/Preds just to see some annihilation. :D I also think I'll end up watching Flames/Sharks. I'm so jittery and flaky at this time of year. :(

That makes sense. In some ways I'm jealous, because it's really not that rewarding to be so hate-filled, haha.

There is always something to look forward to! :D I turn into a complete wreck during the playoffs. A couple of years I went the entire playoffs without getting my period, haha.

The playoffs overall look like some awesome matchups.

Wings v. Preds In the battle of "who is gimier"
Sharks v. Flames in the battle of "Will the real Sharks, please stand up?"
Wild v. Avs good divisonal battle (sry no clever name here lol)
Ducks v. Stars another good divisonal battle
Habs v. Bruins ...ok they all can't be good
Pens v. Sens see above -.-;
Caps v. Flyers in the battle of "Whos going to be the Cinderella team"
Devils v. Rags awesome match up dispite the Rags owning the Devs this season

I so can't fuckin wait, going back home to made see a game because who needs college when you have playoff fever lol.

With Habs vs Bruins you can say it's a match of divisional rivals, original six teams... Pens vs Sens is umm, [oops, brain not working, that was my thought from when it could have been Caps vs Sens]... rematch from last year!

I am super excited about the playoffs! I will stare at the TV schedule tomorrow and see if I can record everything, haha.

Edited at 2008-04-07 03:53 am (UTC)

Habs/Bruins might end quickly, but there's history there and those fanbases LOATHE each other. I think it'll be entertaining! (I also think Montreal is ripe for an upset this year, I'm just not convinced that the Bruins can do it.)

I remember when they met in the playoffs and I picked the Habs to upset the Bruins and that was the year that they came back from 3-1 to win the series and I laughed because I hated Joe Thornton and the Bruins. Well, I still don't like the Bruins, anyway. :P

Yeah, the Bruins seem to have used everything they have to get into the playoffs.

Hee! Strangely enough, I really hated Boston and was so proud of Montreal, but that was the year that cemented my love for Joe Thornton. :P

Okay, I had something to comment, really I did, but all thoughts went out the window once I saw Barry Trotz Barbie. Yikes.

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