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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I ate Texas...

... and it tasted good.

Coming home today. :)

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SNORT! Even I've never had one of those...and now I want one!

Travel safe!

I was too full Monday to Thursday to have one but I vowed that I would have it on Friday! Mmm...

Ahahahahahaha that's awesome! :D

You could eat your fears! Mmm!

that seems the sort of thing you shold eat the hell out of for good team mojo!

Haha, I hope I did enough. You know you can get those waffle irons on the internet!

That's gross.

DUDE, I am soooo sorry we didn't get to meet up. I forgot all about it. This whole Acacia thing is like driving our family absolutely insane. Ugh.

I hope you come back again. :(

Dude, I totally understand. I hope that she returns to you guys safe and sound. *hugs*

TEXAS! anything texas-shaped makes my heart swell with love.

And now it can fill your tummy, too!

Texas looks a little dry.

That might be the cinnamon that I sprinkled liberally all over the waffle, thinking it was chocolate powder. Sadly, it wasn't. :(

Oh and you hate cinnamon! :(

Yeah, although it's the artificial stuff that's really bad. It was better after I added the syrup! :) I read that Marty came on to the ice in uniform with the rest of the team for the final home game. :)

That made me LOL!
Now I want waffles...

dude, I want one with whipped cream so I can make jokes.

many of which will include the word 'debbie'.

That's a very creative use of a waffle!

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