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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Marc-Edouard Vlasic

JR's kids

In Irving, TX. Work is okay so far. Trying not to fall sick. *cough* *cough*

Listening to a Roenick radio interview and he said, "If I was a promiscuous teen, Devin and Vlasic could have been my kids."

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Hahaha leave it to JR to take "I'm old enough to be their father" and turn it into...well something else. XD

Devin certainly inherited his diva attitude.

Good thing there's a CVS across the road if I need one!

JR might not have been a whore as a teen ager, but he's made up for it as an adult. Hockey is richer for his mouth. ;)

Don't get sick up there! Have a Steak and Shake shake for me!


Umm, JR is the hippie Peace Corps long lost uncle who's been in third world countries for the past 15 years and has just come back from Vietnam and formed an immediate bond with Devin the scowling teenager and Vlasic the rebellious loner who won't listen to anyone (except JR--OMG for the first time ever somebody truly listens to him! Vlasic breaks down in tears, following a long tradition of cliched teenage movies and turns his life around because he now has a male role model who cares)

does he also have scads of illegitimate children overseas?


Re: does he also have scads of illegitimate children overseas?

He has an entire village of children in the Amazon somewhere!!!

I think he should have changed that to, "fucked women."

Ahahaha, I remember listening to Roenick talk about college. I bet he was crazy at that age.

He makes good use of euphemisms. Like saying he was excited to share his "experiences" with our kids. And that Doug Wilson and Denis Savard used to "talk" to him a lot.

Man, it's weird enough for me to see footage of him when he was young.

rofl well, Pic did get his snazzy dressing and curls

It is isn't it?
Um... sorry?



Other fun quotes from him:
"Life in the locker room is a lot of fun right now"
"We're having a great time playing with each other right now"

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