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The Invincible M.A.E.

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2 minutes each for being gay at the most

I went to the game last night and met dewaltgrl at warm ups! I was more dazed than usual so I didn't really talk much. Sorry. :( But but but... wow, what a game! At one point Nabby raised his stick and headbanged (really) during a delayed penalty. Was that on TV? Was it? Was it? I want to make an icon. I can't believe that Joe talked about "Patty's big butt". :( :( :( I don't get the Turco booing. I think Sharks fans miss Belfour. I strongly disapprove of the post-goal intimacy between Patty and Joe. :( :( :(

But you know, overall I'm :) :) :) about the game and was jumping up and down after Patty Joe scored. As exciting as that was, the most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that Petr got into his first NHL fight!!!!!!


boardnow messaged me while I was on the train and I just about died. Then she told me that he had fought Satan while defending Malkin's honour and I made many funny sounds and just about died again. Then later joolzie told me it happened after Marian was hit in the knee and my head exploded.

I can't even put into words the things that this "fight" has done to me. So I'll let the good people at hockeyfights.com speak for me:

Jon: felt like i was watching gay porn
rackaroo: ooooh, you beeatch, you made break a finger nail
MNBonecrusher: I hope they wore a condom! Wouldn't want either one missing the playoffs due to being pregnant!
BROWN-KOCUR: A gloves on, shield wearing slap fight. Give them both 2 each for delay of game and Satan a game misconduct for trying to hump Sykora's leg.
brianamoro: you watch a lot of gay porn there jon? LOL
Coach Jay: Gloves against shields? Might as well be a pillow fight.
Humper: Sissyfest '08. Worst damage was Satan smudging his lipstick.
headcharge: I've seen more violence in ice dancing.
mikebflorida: 2 minutes each for being gay at the most.
Jake98: catfight

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I love Petr trying to stick up for Geno....so cute! You can tell he never fights...keeping the gloves and the helmet on. A real fighter gets completely undressed before he goes...like Barfight's cousin. ;)

Oh...speaking of Thorty, not sure if you watched the Yote-Kings game last night but I thought the Kings tv dudes said that this might be his last season. *frets*

Usually when a scrum breaks out he just grabs the most harmless looking player on the other team and skates him away from the action, just to be extra safe. I think in this case he was counting on the linesmen to stop them (not that they would have done anything) and so sheepishly clung on to Satan while pretending to sort of try to fight.

*sniffles* I wouldn't be surprised, though. In the past few years he seems to have lost his fire. *sigh*

I strongly disapprove of the post-goal intimacy between Patty and Joe. :( :( :(

Mommy and Daddy really love each other!

Parents are not supposed to be affectionate with each other in front of the children!

He has great love for Malkin.

Oh Sykora has given hope for UL. Kid needs to fight. Release all that frustration and then start scoring like a mad man. HE CAN DO IT!

It's a moment I've been waiting for for years!!!!!! :D


neiljc: Good to see Petr stick up for his teammates when everyone picks a dance partner on the ice after a cheap shot, but really, there was no point since no punches were really thrown. Nice idea though.

rocky7482: One for the ages!

marinermoose38: this isn't europe, girls

headcharge: Their grace and poise through their spins was the definition of elegance in motion. So graceful and delicate. Simply a delight to the ice dancing community.

Haha, apparently it's the featured "fight" on the main page:

Never mind that punches sans gloves never happened, the gloved shots seemed to be enough to warrant FMs. Gloves were shed, but there was only some hugging and dancing before the Czech and Slovak were easily split apart by the linesmen. Velvety, I guess.

ghalf;jada I MISSED THE NABBY PART, maybe I wasn't watching closely enough (thx shitty internet stream), is there a clip of it anywhere??

So it was on camera, but it was of the back of his head so it didn't look as headbangy. I'll make a little animated gif of it, hehe!

It was great to meet you!! I felt bad b/c I thought I wasn't doing much talking. LOL Then on the way back I wanted to kick myself because we didn't even take a picture together!!! We're uber-nerds for that one!

It was a great game and we had a ton of fun, despite the guy who decided it was okay to shove Keri down into her seat. Grrrrr

Oh, I totally forgot about that! I blame the hockey players. They make life confusing.

I'm glad you had a good time despite that incident! It was a very exciting, close game.

Ahahaha I just about died laughing watching that "fight" and reading those comments!

It is everything I hoped his first fight would be and more!!! :D

You don't get the Turco booing? What? Have you stepped into some lovely alternate universe where Turco doesn't hack and flop and bitch at the refs constantly? Can I join you?

Although I still blame Belfour for making Smarco what he is. But I blame Belfour for a lot of things, it's fun!

I would respond to the Joe comment, but I'm trying to repress it. :( That was some serious cuddling though. Also, have you noticed that Milan gets more...well...gay with every celebration? I thought he was going to maul Pavs a few games ago, and then with Joe...

So I went to the message boards, and apparently the booing started because Turco was antagonized by a fan and went and smacked his stick on the glass, hahaha. I still think most of it is Belfour nostalgia, though.

Milan's Czechness is coming out!

Pretty sad, dude. I like it better when he has the good sense to pinpoint the biggest wimp on the ice and grab collars with him.

Speaking of guys that can't fight, were you as amused as I was by the Ott/Tor scrum the other day where Vesa hovered at the edge and chitchatted with Spezza?

Eee!!! That is so... them. :P I wonder what they were talking about. Spezza probably said something really dumb and Vesa laughed at him.

*dies* They were totally talking about shopping!!!

Wow. It's also funny that the video is flagged on YouTube.

HockeyRulesGameOn: HIT HIM WITH YOUR PURSE!!!!!

I know!!! Somebody offered an explanation: it was flagged because this is gay porn at its best

This was pretty awesome too: Satan v Sykora lol. Without even seeing this i'm thinking what are they going to bake a cake & sing love songs to each other, cause you know they are not ever going to throw down.

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