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2 minutes each for being gay at the most

I went to the game last night and met dewaltgrl at warm ups! I was more dazed than usual so I didn't really talk much. Sorry. :( But but but... wow, what a game! At one point Nabby raised his stick and headbanged (really) during a delayed penalty. Was that on TV? Was it? Was it? I want to make an icon. I can't believe that Joe talked about "Patty's big butt". :( :( :( I don't get the Turco booing. I think Sharks fans miss Belfour. I strongly disapprove of the post-goal intimacy between Patty and Joe. :( :( :(

But you know, overall I'm :) :) :) about the game and was jumping up and down after Patty Joe scored. As exciting as that was, the most exciting thing that happened yesterday was that Petr got into his first NHL fight!!!!!!


boardnow messaged me while I was on the train and I just about died. Then she told me that he had fought Satan while defending Malkin's honour and I made many funny sounds and just about died again. Then later joolzie told me it happened after Marian was hit in the knee and my head exploded.

I can't even put into words the things that this "fight" has done to me. So I'll let the good people at speak for me:

Jon: felt like i was watching gay porn
rackaroo: ooooh, you beeatch, you made break a finger nail
MNBonecrusher: I hope they wore a condom! Wouldn't want either one missing the playoffs due to being pregnant!
BROWN-KOCUR: A gloves on, shield wearing slap fight. Give them both 2 each for delay of game and Satan a game misconduct for trying to hump Sykora's leg.
brianamoro: you watch a lot of gay porn there jon? LOL
Coach Jay: Gloves against shields? Might as well be a pillow fight.
Humper: Sissyfest '08. Worst damage was Satan smudging his lipstick.
headcharge: I've seen more violence in ice dancing.
mikebflorida: 2 minutes each for being gay at the most.
Jake98: catfight
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