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Game tonight!

Wow, hockey stuff makes me cry practically every day. The playoffs must be coming up. :P

From Smarts and Compassion:
On another front I'm going to tell you something that I'm not supposed to share. The people involved don't want this information getting out because that's not what they're about. As Kurtis Foster was laying on a opererating table getting his leg repaired, the Minnesota Wild had quickly made arrangements to get his fiance to the San Jose. Chris Snow the Wild's Director of Hockey Operations stayed behind to make sure Kurtis Foster was getting the best possible care by keeeping the communication going between the Wild and Sharks Medical Staff. One of Kurtis' first visitors at the hospital was Greg Jamison. The Sharks President and CEO brought by a gift basket and showed some kindness to the injured Wild Defenseman. Shortly after GM Doug Wilson dropped by. He visited and asked if there was anything Kurtis needed . Foster asked if there was some way he could watch some hockey. In very quick order Paul Fink the Sharks Manager of Hockey Technology was at the hospital setting up a computer and slingbox so Kurtis could watch his team go for a playoff spot. By the way, the "quick order" was delayed by Paul being stuck in the hospital elavator for two hours. Subsequently Doug Wilson has visited Kurtis every day this week. Other important Sharks personel like Director of Hockey Administration Rosemary Tebaldi and Owner Kevin Compton have been instrumental in the compassionate deeds displayed to Kurtis Foster and his fiance. These people are kind, selfless and caring. These people are the reason the Sharks and Wild are great franchises in the NHL. If you're a hockey fan you should know about these people. As a Sharks' employee, I'm very proud of them.

I'm going to the Stars game tonight and meeting dewaltgrl there! This is a bit of a statement game for both teams, but it's more of a statement for the Stars. Usually it's the other way around. We'll see how it goes--should be a good game! :)
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