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Don't Make Me Cut You

Working until 2.30 AM is no fun.

Fast forwarded through this morning's A's game. So I've been following the team for like... 3 years? Not real closely, and usually not until like... July, a month after the Stanley Cup Final. As a result, all I've ever seen Rich Harden pitch is 3 innings (at a game at the end of the season) because he's usually gimped himself by the time I start watching. :P

I totally thought there was going to be a smirk factor of at least 7, but his expression was blank until Manny Ramirez hit a home run, and then he started smirking like mad. Wha? *scratches head* Anyway, I can see why he is raved about. I'm not sure whether that makes it more or less depressing. [Edit: He was smirky all through his post-game interview. I'm beginning to think there's just something wrong with his face. Also, he has a California hick accent--at least until he says "out". Then it's Canadian. :P]

I have the best cross stitch ever on my desk at the office, muahahaha!!!
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