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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Don't Make Me Cut You

Working until 2.30 AM is no fun.

Fast forwarded through this morning's A's game. So I've been following the team for like... 3 years? Not real closely, and usually not until like... July, a month after the Stanley Cup Final. As a result, all I've ever seen Rich Harden pitch is 3 innings (at a game at the end of the season) because he's usually gimped himself by the time I start watching. :P

I totally thought there was going to be a smirk factor of at least 7, but his expression was blank until Manny Ramirez hit a home run, and then he started smirking like mad. Wha? *scratches head* Anyway, I can see why he is raved about. I'm not sure whether that makes it more or less depressing. [Edit: He was smirky all through his post-game interview. I'm beginning to think there's just something wrong with his face. Also, he has a California hick accent--at least until he says "out". Then it's Canadian. :P]

I have the best cross stitch ever on my desk at the office, muahahaha!!!

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Hee hee hee. Last year I sewed "Go Fuck Yourself" and hung it up in my room. It was a good conversation piece. I should dig it out and frame it and hang it up again, actually.

"Shut Your Whore Mouth" is pretty good too!

That cross-stitch is awesome! And Richie! I admit, I was impressed.

I'm torn between leaving it in my cube and bringing it home for my room. I think because nobody believes he won't gimp himself again, he won't, but then he'll promptly be traded for some puppies.

Oh my god my friend loves those cross-stitch pieces! She made a "fuck cancer" one for my mom when she was doing chemo and made one in the same theme for her brother that said "no soliciting or someone who lives here will twist your nipples off". If my hand wasn't all messed up, I'd probably stitch a couple pieces for myself, hee. :)

That's a long one! The person who made it for me knows the person who runs that site, hehe.

g;akdj is that A's tombstone for real?

Hehe, nah, I just Photoshopped the logo on. I'm quite sad about everyone being traded away. *sniffle*

Haha, if it were real, that would merit some sort of field trip to go track it down.

Indeed! I am sad that after several months they got rid of the "Zito Gay" graffiti. :(

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