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The Invincible M.A.E.

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TV stuff

Jericho has been cancelled. *mourns*

But Friday Night Lights is (really close to being) renewed. :D :D :D I've been queueing up episodes for this season to watch all at once, but I thought it was the best show on TV last season. All the episodes are on hulu and you don't have to like or understand football to enjoy.

If you haven't been watching Nip/Tuck, you've missed out on incest, amputee sex, geriatric sex (argh) and amnesia! :P

I got kind of weepy watching the finale of Kyle XY. I love what they've done with Jessi XX. Because they were physically almost adults when they were born, it's kind of interesting to see an... accelerated version? of how two people can become so different because of differences in temperament (genetic factor) and experience (environmental factor). Like what if Kyle's first experience had been being attacked, like Jessi was, or if Jessi had been the one taken in by the Tragers? I've always thought that the best sci fi was the stuff that dealt with humanity and philosophy (like the old school '60s stuff) and Kyle XY is really faithful to that.

Is New Amsterdam worth watching? It's so weird how the immortal cop/PI has become a genre. :P

While browsing through hulu's NHL stuff, I found a player profile of DiPietro and... he and Andy Sutton bought matching purple T-shirts to go bowling together and then Andy Sutton keeps grinning at him and comments on his shoes and... I don't know what to say.

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he and Andy Sutton bought matching purple T-shirts to go bowling together and then Andy Sutton keeps grinning at him and comments on his shoes and... I don't know what to say
the NHL has gone completely ghey.


And not to mention the whole "DP" thing. It's really unnerving to be at an arena full of children chanting "DP"!!!

I've been watching New Amsterdam, it's not too bad so far. I'm waiting for them to get more into the characters, create long-term storylines, because so far it's mostly him having flashbacks to things that happened centuries earlier that relate to his current cases.

And indeed Nip/Tuck has been utterly fantastic with it's insanity lol. And I missed most of this season's Kyle XY :(

Aww! Kyle XY has been good. Maybe you can catch reruns. Nip/Tuck becomes 100% more awesome when you think of it as being badfic come to TV.

I love Kyle XY, I need to catch up, but... it's one of my favourite shows these days. They are faithful to the good storytelling of the genre, and I adore it. :)

I'm extremely sad about Jericho, but happy about FNLs!

I've only watched a couple of episodes of the new season so far but I can see why it would be a tough sell. Nuclear apocalypse is not cheery!

I know=( I saw that Jericho got cancelled again.*mourns with you*

Ah well, at least they got to give it a proper ending (supposedly).

Jericho has been cancelled. *mourns*

So not surprised. I'm just glad they brought it back long enough to finish the season. :/

Yeah, I was surprised that the "nuts" campaign was successful. Ahh well, at least we got a full season++ of the show.

my friend Twig is in love with that Amserdamn show

You know, it's not like I didn't just type "Amsterdam" up there. :P Lira mentioned that she's been watching it, so I am intrigued.


The show is bad. The bit that is really interesting is the guy's life--I like that he's lived for so long and had to reinvent himself every 20-30 years. My favorite part is that he has to keep searching for the "one" but along the way he meets all these incredible women and he falls in love with them and has children with them, and at the end of the day it's like.. they grow old and die and it's like, "Oh. You *aren't* the one. Even though I told you I loved you and shared a life with you."

But to get to these 2 second flashbits you have to put up with really terrible cases. They should just steal L&O scripts or redo old episodes because I know who did it 3 seconds into the game and I wonder if the police are really that lame. The flashbacks were actually pretty strong until we got to this last episode where he's back in the olden days and his master is raping all the housemaids and then he rapes John's girlfriend and John is all "Oh no you didn't!!!!" I guess the interesting bit before that is that he doesn't believe the girl and assumes that she's given away her honor. At least it stays true to how he would actually view things.

I've heard that the best part is that in HD you can see all the really bad beard glue.

Oh, the other bit that is interesting is that he is that hot guy from Wimbledon. And he wears skinny ties.

So basically I should fast forward to all the flashbacks and ignore all the present day stuff. Actually, I'm pretty fond of bad shows that have a few redeeming aspects--like SGA! :D


Usually I don't like such people, but he's so... bumbly that I find him strangely charming!

I absolutely love Nip/Tuck!! :)

We're going to be hanging at Fisherman's Wharf Wednesday night to meet up with one of Keri's old H.S. buddies for drinks and stuff should you wish to join us.

It's certainly entertaining, isn't it? :)

Thanks for the invite, but I think I might feel a little out of place. "Hello everyone, I write gay porn about hockey players!" :D

I LOVE Kyle XY. Sadly though I missed most of this season because of church stuff and they haven't replayed it yet *shakes fist*

It seems to be more popular than some shows on network TV.

*squeals* The bit about Friday Night Lights has made my night! That's definently my favorite show on TV right now. :D

It's not officially announced yet, but apparently the deal is really close to being done. Episodes will air exclusively on DirecTV first, then subsequently on NBC.

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