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The Invincible M.A.E.

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March Madness indeed

For the first time ever, I decided to watch college basketball because Stanford has these funny-looking twins who are apparently quite good.

It was kind of a trial by fire. Early in the game the Stanford coach got tossed, Stanford went down as much as 11 points in the first half, then came back and took the lead and then Marquette came back and this happened approximately 234802075 times. Robin Lopez gets fouled at the end of the game with Stanford down by 1 and misses the first free throw and then Stanford calls a timeout, after which he comes back and calmly makes it. Then down by 1 again in OT with like 1 second left, Brook Lopez gets a baseline "leaner" to roll in and Stanford wins by 1.

Eek. I closed my eyes at the end of regulation and OT. Can't handle the suspense! But apparently Mommy Lopez can because she was watching really intensely the whole game. She looked like laser beams were going to shoot out of her eyes. *cowers*

The whole incest/twincest thing has never appealed to me. I've never actually seen it (Wincest doesn't count because those two are bad actors and have never pulled off the brother thing) until watching the Lopez twins. I think it's because they're slightly freakish and have different hairstyles. Plus they scowl a lot.

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Ugh I took a four-hour nap over the span of like three games last night. It was quite satisfying. :P

I don't know how people can get so invested in D-I college sports unless they went to a particular school (you and Stanford, for instance). Plus, the NCAA is basically a more sophisticated system of slave labor, which is disturbing.

Well, I didn't actually follow sports until a few years after college. eggpuff and I went to a volleyball game a few months ago and she pointed out that it was the first Stanford sporting event we'd attended--13 years later. :P

My path to Stanford sports goes like this: In the 2004 Olympics, I really enjoyed watching indoor volleyball (yeah, I know) and I found out that a couple of the Team USA players were from Stanford. So during the lockout (STUPID LOCKOUT) I had nothing better to do and started watching college volleyball (no pro volleyball aside from beach volleyball and that kind of bores me; I don't get the appeal, if you want to leer why not watch actual porn?) and really liked the Stanford team and... they went on to win the championship that year as a #6 seed! :D

I think it's a little sick when people go overboard with their support of their college team. And I'm talking really overboard, like what happens in places where they have college sports and nothing else. It's one thing to cheer on your alma mater, but another to get worked up about them to the point that you have genuine hostility towards coaches and the players. And not being American, it's even more alien to me, because sports was never in the uhh... cultural consciousness? the way it is here.

Haha, this all reminds me of an ecard:

But no, I agree. Right now I'm kind of insanely dedicated to my university's sports teams. They're D-III and there's only like 150 people at any given sports event, though, so there's something vaguely desperate about that, but whatever. I think the deciding factor for me is being able to see games in person, no matter if it's college or professional sports; it's not really worth all the emotional involvement if I can't see things happen in person.

Dude. I totally don't get that whole, I will wholeheartedly support my school even though I have no idea what's going on this sport! thing. I think it's why I prefer watching professional sports because the quality of play is better and that's the most important thing to me.

That's really cute. And that's a really good point! I've been trying (not very hard) to figure out for a while what distinguishes a real fan from a fake fan in my personal opinion and I think that's part of it.

it's why I prefer watching professional sports because the quality of play is better

I mean, there's something kind of cool about going to a soccer game on Sunday and then seeing one of the players in your lecture class on Monday, something quite organic and fulfilling. But there's different kinds of fandom, after all. Supporting teams from afar has its value, but for me, at least, there definitely needs to be a more direct connection.

(Sorry for the babble; I'm trying to write a paper on media and sports fandom so all these ideas are kind of bleeding together and aghlasfdj.)

The emotional component of watching sports is something I've come to understand a little bit through baseball. Baseball is the most boring thing in the world to watch. :P I would never watch a regular season baseball game on TV unless it was the A's or a Giants game where Zito, Lowry or Lincecum was pitching.

But going to baseball games is awesome. You sit in the sun and eat and drink and talk, and the game kind of just happens in front of you and I can see developing warm and fuzzy feelings if that was something you went to with your family as a little kid. So I can understand being emotionally involved for that reason.

Yes! Exactly! Except my inability to process baseball on an intellectual level is to the point where I also need to be watching 1) with someone who is knowledgeable about the sport, and 2) at night because daytime weather is unbearable esp. in the summer. Ha ha :P

Heh, that's funny, I try to avoid night games myself because SF is so cold in the summer. I still can't tell the difference between the pitches when I'm at games. I can distinguish Zito's curveball because it's so exaggerated but everything else is like... umm, it's a pitch. :P

I would like to watch a game at Wrigley Field!

A good friend of mine works for the Cubs, and he's been teaching me about the different pitches. He also gets a certain allotment of tickets for every home game, and the seats are WONDERFUL, about 15 rows back from home plate -- I can't wait to go more often this summer. :D I love keeping scorecards because I'm OCD, so that part of watching the game probably makes me the happiest.

That's pretty amazing! I think the best seats I've had were 7 rows back, but those were at first base.

How old school of you (the scoring thing). :P

Haha yeah, there's something beautiful about a meticulously-kept scorecard. :D

I could explain the different pitches and what they do. I'm a huge geek when it comes to stuff like that. :P

I know what they are. I just can't recognise them at games. :P

I think it's why I prefer watching professional sports because the quality of play is better

I actually prefer college to the NFL because I was always bored on Sunday because the players were too good. I like the idea that at any given time a player could fumble just because.

Yeah, but see if I know that something "exciting" happened because somebody was incompetent, then it's not as enjoyable for me unless I'm just watching for shits and giggles. It's like that whole argument in the NHL about increasing scoring. If you want to see more scoring, go watch some 12-year-olds play. :P

But that stuff happens in the bigs too. I like the savant angle, too. Cause a kid might have a breakout game and be amazing and then suck for the rest of his life and he'll always have that memory to look back on and tell his kids, how he helped his team win the Rose Bowl. Also, I like that the really terrible kids are on the team too, and they help the good ones during practice. In professional sports all the kids are separated. They can be called up, but their heart is never really measured or compared.

See, but it's retarded, because increased scoring doesn't lead to better games. It's about increasing the quality of the scoring chances. Making bigger nets or smaller goalie equipment doesn't really increase the thrill of the game.

It does when crappy teams play against each other. But then does that mean that watching crappy teams play is better than watching good temas play?

I guess I'm still easing into the whole thing where sports are played by people. My introduction to sports was video games after all, where all the players are literally just electrons. :P

You sound like Brian Burke. But yes, that's true. Unfortunately I think that's something beyond the understanding of most people.

Even good teams have kids capable of fucking up. And even awesome players screw up. The potential is just greater in college.

Dude. Have you listened to them talk? It's insane. They're both really artistic and one of them draws his own comic.

Love actually called them big giant trees. It fits.

I haven't! That's pretty cool. Do they seem smart or weird or smart and weird?

Haha, yeah it's perfect with the whole Stanford thing. The announcers kept calling them the Stanford trees and twin towers the whole game. BTW I forgot to mention I caught part of the UCLA game too. That was pretty exciting as well, eh?

They don't have uh. I mean, I can't actually understand what they're saying. It's like Hatcher, I think.

I didn't watch the UCLA game.

OMG so they sound like neanderthals??? I think I like them even more now!!!

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