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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Satiated by hockey

Just watched Hawks/Kings. The Kings kind of looked asleep at the beginning of the game, sort of like the Sharks. *sniffle* Pretty Thibault saves, and what can I say, it's hockey ... love watching hockey. :)

Didn't write or get inspired today, aside from gathering research for the 4th part of Cerulean Sky. Been writing too much smut lately to help the Sharkies, LOL! Tired out.

Played lots and lots of Quake 3 CTF instead. Haven't played in months and months, so it was fun. Gets the adrenaline going and all that. I feel proud to have led my team to an 8-0 loss. Just call me Mario. *grin* Some guy told me to "ride his rocket" during the game. LOL! I'd never have noticed that kind of thing when I was playing every day months ago.

Crap, I need to write smut tomorrow.