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The Invincible M.A.E.

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It's been an emotional night

My tears of joy for an amazing win over the Ducks quickly turned to tears of despair when I saw Joe Thornton butt naked in the locker room.

I'm so proud I think my heart might burst.

[Edit: For those of you who actually *shudder* want to see Joe Thornton butt naked, skip to 3:18 of this video.

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Good player good player, but he's on a list of people that i dont want to see naked.

Along with Scott Thornton.

He always pops up half-naked when interviewing various players. :( No warning, just abruptly cuts to him. *shudders*

And he's grinning at JR argh.

Well, you know, it could have been worse if they hadn't been interviewing him; JR naked...

Edited at 2008-03-22 11:10 am (UTC)

*coughs quietly*


I can't believe I watched that three times just so I could see someone naked whom I don't want to see naked. :X

We lurve the trauma. At least you didn't frame by frame it hahaha. *weeps*

dude, how did you even see that?

when jr said that the sharks were on a roll, i punched my computer.

The thing is I didn't see it at first until someone pointed it out on a message board and I was like, haha, he was probably doing his post-game shirt speed strip so I watched it and... it wasn't just the shirt. It's much, much worse frame by frame, too. :( :( :(


*throws up in mouth*

That reminds me of the time I saw Scott Clemmensen naked..

At least it was kind of shadowy and there was no butt (that I can see anyway!)

I AM NOT WATCHING THIS. I AM NOT WATCHING THIS, EVER. And in case you're wondering, I'm yelling at me, not you. Trainwreck factor. :( :(

It's really horrible, after reading that message board post, I immediately went to look for it. What is this strange compulsion to traumatize myself???

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