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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Petr on Inside Penguins Hockey!

Thanks to boardnow for telling me about this Sykora Q&A thingie!

Petr Petr Petr!
  • Petr is wearing a pink/red polo. Amazingly, the collar isn't flipped up!
  • His arms are really fucking hairy. Like, hairier than Haren hairy.
  • Petr pimps Plzen and pilsener! Best beer in the world! :D Does that sound familiar? ;)
  • He talked about how the one thing he missed about winning the Cup was getting to skate around with it. *cries*
  • Then he said that losing in the SCF twice in Game 7 was the two most brutal days of his life and his summer was just sucky after that. :(
  • They asked Christensen about Petr, and he started praising his shot ("the best in the league!") and said that he'd told him that before.
  • Petr praised Christensen's shot too then they started arguing about whose shot was better/harder. *coughs*
  • Petr realised that he wasn't going to be the kind of player who would crash the net or beat guys one on one, so he worked on his shot instead.
  • He calls the Czech Republic "Czech". :D And talks about how they have to compress 2 weeks of Czech Christmas into 2 days here.
  • LOL, a little kid asks Petr how many hat tricks he had, and he says, "That's a bad question." Then he goes, "I don't know whether it's the Curse of Bambino or something..." and said that he read in a magazine that he's the guy who has the most 2 goals games without having a hat trick (among active players). Evil little child!!!
  • Petr was shy as a kid; he was the small guy, afraid of the physical stuff... what exactly has changed over the years? :P
  • When asked about what his career would be if he wasn't a hockey player, he said he wasn't good at anything else. Although his dad says he was better at soccer than hockey as a kid, but he made the choice when he was 12 to play hockey.
  • The host asks Petr about his hair, and gets him to "do" his hair like it is after he leaves the rink, so he grabs a towel and ruffles his hair, and turns into Sonic the Hedgehog. Seriously. Christensen pats it gingerly.

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Wow. He is still special.

And still adjusting himself constantly. *sighs wistfully*

*drools all over herself*

His beauty is timeless.

Plus he can run faster than the speed of sound!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I almost died laughing at that picture. Seriously, head down on the desk, cackling like a madwoman. I LOVE IT!!!

It's probably the most fabulous I've ever seen his hair! I think that could only be "improved" if he still had the blonde highlights, and then there would be blonde spikes.

I can't even begin to comment.

No wonder his gel keeps going missing.

He's pretty fantastic! :D

I can't even start to think about the dynamics of Petr and Marian being on the same team...

I am really suspicious that Marty managed to injure himself immediately. I guess he needs some additional time to wrap his head around it too.

Wait, so Marty injured himself after the trade??? I thought he was already injured at the time. Man, if Petr were smart, or rather, not dumb, he would be suspicious too!!!

OMG, you're right: Sonic! *dies*

He looks like he's about to curl into a ball and roll along the ground!

When he started talking about Fleury and said "Flower," I was like WTF? Is that his kid's nickname? He's making his child take his shots?!!!

And then realized who Flower was.

Also. HOW CAN HE HAVE A CHILD AND FAMILY? So insane. He's grown up so much since he won a Cup. Madness.

Somehow I missed the "Flower" thing. I think I was too busy staring at him and then everything he says becomes even more unintelligible.

I like how he's trying to teach his kid Czech traditions. His kid isn't even a year old yet, he's not going to remember a thing! Some things never change. :P

Yeah, parents probably shouldn't even interact with their children until they're old enough to remember it.

*lesigh* Petr. I love.

He's so adorable.

and yes, he's hairy as hell. Have you seen his legs? *L* Lordy. :)

Yeah, it seems to be a Czech thing. Hairiness and noses.

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