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Does smut really work?

Well, I barely wrote any smut on Thursday and the Sharks lost 9-3 to the Senators. *weeps*

Today I wrote smut, inspired by early_afternoon and drinking tea. Thornstrom smut! It's the smuttiest thing I've written in a long time! But we only tied them. Is this because Thorty didn't actually play? I think that might be a factor. Hmm, maybe that's why it was a tie.

What's that? We would have won except for the bogus penalty call? Nonsense! It's all to do with the smut. *grin*

You must have had a great time, Neo :)

I really wanted to see CS and Thorty in the game, but, oh well. Not a good day for "my" teams so far.

[Edit: Just for Flan - Alyn took a penalty and the camera focused on him in the box for a long time and he was smoldering.]
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