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Went to the Sens game with lastcatastrophe last night and it was so much fun!!! After uhh, some difficulty, we finished the TEAM SCHUBIE sign and placed it against the glass for warm ups. To add to their confusion, we were wearing our Sharks jerseys! :P

Mezzy giggled at the sign. He's so cute and... not chubby, but like puffy-cheeked? Like a baby! Spezza looked too, and seemed to be amused, aww!!! Schubie himself was all aloof and trying to react and was staring at the ceiling every time he skated by, but I caught him looking once. Ha! Caught you, Schubie! Vermette also looked, and he seemed baffled, which was pretty much the reaction of the rest of the team.

Emery stopped by us for a while. He has a thin straight scar on the back of his neck at the base. I'm very intrigued! How do you manage to cut yourself there? Mike Fisher skated by the guys clustered against the glass near us and he was smiling broadly about something. I immediately thought "Jill! Jill! Jill! Jill!" Wade also stopped by us a little later, and I thought "Jill! Jill! Jill! Jill!" again. He looked kind of skinny and haggard. :(

If there is one truth in life, it is that Dany Heatley ruins everything.

He kept looking at the sign--blatantly! Not like, sneak peeks. Then he skated in front of the camera just as Lira was taking pictures of Spezza!!! Then! Then! Schubie skated over and stopped right next to us!!! Then we flailed wildly, but soon after, Heatley skated over and stopped between Schubie and us and I started crying. :( :( :(

It was a good game! The Sharks persisted past their flailitude to pull out their win, which I think they deserved because they totally ownzored!!! This must be another instance of seeing a game very differently while there vs on TV or in the eyes of journalists, because analysts seemed to be talking about it like it was a fairly even game.

!!! Wha? I mean, in what universe did the Sens play well defensively? (Oh right, the Eastern Conference :P) It's not even like they were bringing the heat consistently offensively, either. On one power play, the Sens tried to carry the puck across the line and got denied three times consecutively. Then they gave up and dumped the puck in twice, and were beat to the puck both times, and the puck was immediately cleared. They weren't even able to set up once on that PP, let alone get a SOG.

They scored on what was pretty much an unforced turnover, and a deflection on a PP where the Sharks had pretty good coverage. Meanwhile, the Sharks were like, whiffing on open nets, shooting over the net, by the net, (probably under the net too) and double deflecting pucks into Gerber's chest. In other words, tricking the media into thinking that Gerber was great. ;) Not to say he was bad, I think he had a solid game, but I know he's capable of playing better; he was just never put into a situation where he had to make a fantastic save because the Sharks were whiffing or shooting right at him.

There was a very cute moment where Vermette was standing the goal crease (as the lone forechecker, Sharks had possession of the puck, Sens were changing lines I think) and then Nabby skated menacingly out of his net towards Vermette. And then poked him in the legs with his goal stick a few times, hee! Also, Gerber hiding in his net when the play is in the other zone is very cute.

Patty and Cheech. ♥ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Lira and I where all sniffly with pride and love! I just feel so happy for them after the season they've gone through. It's just... he's my captain. And I want him to be captain. I don't care if Joe is the scoring leader on the team with like double the points, I don't feel that he's the heart of the team. I think I take for granted now how good Joe is, which may be unfair, but to see Patty be all determined in OT and keep the puck in and win board battles and get to the front of the net, it's... it's... *bursts into tears*

Also, Joe was so excited after Patty scored in OT that he stuck his arm out and shoved Ron Wilson into the glass really hard, muahahahaha! I'll put up a clip later.

[Edit: Is Garrioch the guy you people hate?
"I’m surprised the one guy who makes the most stuff up isn’t over here. He’s run for cover tonight," Wilson said. And though he mentioned no one by name, it was a pretty obvious reference to Bruce Garrioch, who was covering the game for the Ottawa Sun and probably in the Senators’ locker room at the time.

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