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My right foot and two hands can't go at the same time.

So, thanks to Kevin Frandsen's interview, umm, I mean Barry Zito's interview? Kevin Frandsen interviewing Barry Zito? I now know that the Giants are playing Rock Band and not Guitar Hero. Zito and "Cainer" have a band, and Frandsen is looking to be a lead singer--he had to quit the drums because his right foot and two hands can't go at the same time. :P Zito is the drummer and Cain plays the guitar and their band is called "the Smurfs". Brian Wilson sings... and Frandsen says they're going to do duets. :(

Then Zito says his girl is in town so he hasn't been playing as much recently. His drumming level is 20-25 songs on hard, which is about my level. Unless he means that he can get through those songs only if Cain keeps saving him, in which case I'm better. ;)

Who is Zito's "girl"??? :P Also, hearing "hey Barry, it sounds like you and Matt Cain have a nice thing going" makes me unhappy. :( Hearing Zito call Matt Cain a "stud" makes me unhappier. :( :( Then he called himself immature or something. I don't really know, I was still too upset about "stud".

[Edit: Zito admitted to fraternizing with Street.]
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