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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers

My right foot and two hands can't go at the same time.

So, thanks to Kevin Frandsen's interview, umm, I mean Barry Zito's interview? Kevin Frandsen interviewing Barry Zito? I now know that the Giants are playing Rock Band and not Guitar Hero. Zito and "Cainer" have a band, and Frandsen is looking to be a lead singer--he had to quit the drums because his right foot and two hands can't go at the same time. :P Zito is the drummer and Cain plays the guitar and their band is called "the Smurfs". Brian Wilson sings... and Frandsen says they're going to do duets. :(

Then Zito says his girl is in town so he hasn't been playing as much recently. His drumming level is 20-25 songs on hard, which is about my level. Unless he means that he can get through those songs only if Cain keeps saving him, in which case I'm better. ;)

Who is Zito's "girl"??? :P Also, hearing "hey Barry, it sounds like you and Matt Cain have a nice thing going" makes me unhappy. :( Hearing Zito call Matt Cain a "stud" makes me unhappier. :( :( Then he called himself immature or something. I don't really know, I was still too upset about "stud".

[Edit: Zito admitted to fraternizing with Street.]

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Fraternizing or "fraternizing"?

He said that they "talked" but didn't really elaborate. He didn't mention Haren at all. :(

I think we all know what "talking" means. I'VE GOT THIS GAY CODE ALL FIGURED OUT, YO.

Street is madly in wuv with Zito. He'd probably have a spaz attack if he found out that Zito mentioned him in an interview. :P

Don't think I won't be all over both of you about this when I get home from work. :D

So it's an either or? MY BOYS PLAY BOTH.

Anyways, by "his girl" he probably means his menstrual cycle. Or his favorite band. If you choose to believe he doesn't have womanly hips.

Zito is too snobby to play guitar because he plays "real guitar" so he doesn't want to play "cartoon guitar".

All of that makes me laugh. Oh, Z. You never cease to amaze me.

He's a pretty entertaining guy! And when he's pitching, too. :P

Hi, where can I listen to his interview? Yeah, and who is Zito's girl?? Thank you XOXO

This "girl" thing is very strange! We know it isn't Hilary Duff because she's shacking up with Comrie (ahahahahha), so who is it? :P Who are you? :P The interview is here.

haha, hilary "horse" duff. who am i? i'm just nobody, i found your blog when i was searching something and i saw this hot piece of info and I thought, oh snap. thank you so much for posting the link. barry is a fine piece of meat, so this is disappointing.

You're not nobody, you're "anonymous"! :P

You're welcome. Check out the KNBR website for more interviews with him; they have a lot archived.

okay, i'm anonymiss.

yes, i usually do check once in a while! missed that one, though.

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