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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers

XBox 360 at spring training!

Listened to more KNBR interviews:

Brian Campbell - surprisingly articulate and insightful, and not a "for sure" or "unbelievable" uttered! Asked about why the playoffs are so different from the regular season, his answer was that it's because "guys play out of character". I like that. :)

Matt Cain - they asked him what music should be used for his entrance music (on radio shows) and he answered Mississippi Queen and I was like OMG OMG OMG HE PLAYS ROCK BAND!!! But then he said it was from Guitar Hero and it's on Guitar Hero 3, but then he talked about Green Grass and High Tides and I think that one's only on Rock Band, which is much more exciting. :P

Tim Lincecum - is older than Matt Cain. SO WRONG. Also, he brought an Xbox 360 with him and plays Call of Duty 3. :D But no Rock Band or Guitar Hero. :( Maybe Matt Cain can get him hooked.

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Brian Campbell,"Soupy" is great and what a great pickup by your team=) I miss him on Buffalo but they missed their chance at signing him.

Okay but now you are making me love Steve Bernier now=)

I was surprised that we got him at a fair price, given how sought after he was.

Bernie is great. :) Hopefully being in Buffalo will be good for him in terms of developing his offensive skills even more.

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