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Fun at work

From an IM at work between me and Chip (Yes we IM each other even though we're about 15 feet away from each other):

Chip: I have so much cardboard in my office .. soon homeless people will arrive
maethornstrom: Hopefully one of them will be Scott Thornton!
Argument ensued where Chip insisted that only Mike Ricci was a scary homeless guy and I tried to make the case (what the hell am I doing?) that Thorty is too.

I fucking hate Joe Thornton. This is due in no small part to listening to too many games on and hearing his stupid voice before every one. And those annoying ads where he ends up with two chumps in headlocks. Grr.

Thrashers announcer sounds like he's falling asleep, but makes strangled sounds every now and then like he's being goosed. Maybe that's the duty of his co-announcer if he has one. Everytime something somewhat exciting happens, goose the guy next to you. Hmm, that's not a nice job.

Thorty's in Toronto! He might play tomorrow! I so hope he does. *weeps copiously* That's gonna be a tough game for me to watch. Man, hockey was a lot easier to watch before I started liking specific teams. It's a lot more exciting now, though. :)

With the way the Canucks are going, one day after scoring a goal Natuzzi are going to just start frenching on the ice and it won't bother the world at large. Bonus points if Mo or Trevor join in or start groping them or participating in some other way.

MikeyMo on IR. :( I used to not really like him because I thought he was stupid but now I realize he's just clueless, which is very cute! Umm, but no MikeyMo!love, not that way. Eep.

*wails* CS is day-to-day.

Chip's Secret Santa gave him a Steven Seagal action figure. Paul, my co-worker, just posed it on the side of my cubicle so that one of his two guns is pointed at me, gangster-style. This unnerves me slightly.

Tammy, where are you? *wails* Umm, not that I have anything specific to tell you.
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