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This and that

I have returned!

Well, I returned 2 days ago, but this is how long it's taken to muster up the energy to post. I'm sleeping at Pacific time and waking up at Eastern time. :( Stuff about the trip is forthcoming (in a post that shall be titled The Saga of Tom Holy) but the summary for now is that it was fun, Germans are scary and Alexei Semenov wears Jimmy Choos.

tersa and I spent most of the trade deadline tizzy on an airplane so we got almost all the big news at once. I laughed hysterically upon hearing that Hal Gill went to Pittsburgh. Then I laughed even more hysterically about Marian going to Pittsburgh (for fake!world reasons). While on a plane full of people. :P

Trade deadline day is always exciting and bittersweet. My refrain this year is that Doug Wilson made good hockey deals and that really makes me feel a lot better. I love Davey, but he wasn't getting regular playing time here so now he gets the opportunity to. And Bernie. He looked so amazing his rookie season with us. And he did again at various points later on, but he never put together the same stretch of great games that he did back then. Marleau/Michalek/Bernier is the last line that I truly loved (kind of hard to develop feelings when lines get switched up as much as they do on our team :P) and Torrey Mitchell's line is growing on me steadily, but sometimes that line would make me cry.

Speaking of crying, I was watching NHL on the Fly and they were showing highlights of Bernie's goals. Usually Jeanerette drives me nuts, but I found his excitement at least somewhat appropriate for those calls. :P It makes me so happy that he had a great first game, and he seemed really excited before and after the game. I always thought of the Sabres as a French Canadian kind of place (for no particular reason) so I hope he will fit in there.

Performer of the Night! *sniffle*

For everyone else saddened by trades, I hope they end up being good for your team (unless your team is Nashville), because that does make it a little bit better. (For me, anyway).

Still have not caught up on LJ yet. Some of you have done very naughty things while I was away. I approve!
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