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Pope or pimp?

So for years I've been babbling on about how the Pope is a pimp. I mean, look at the ostentatious clothing with the robes and velvet and fur and whatnot and pimpin' colours. Then there's all the pimpin' religious bling. And his pimp cane. Or what some people might call a sceptre. Whatever! Glorified pimp cane! He's also got the big pimpin' hat. No feather, but maybe there's a secret compartment in there. And of course there's his ride. Popemobile, pimpmobile--what's the difference?

Anyway, based on the assumption that no matter how crazy you are, there is at least one other person just as crazy as you in the exact same way on the internets, I found that indeed someone has also seen the resemblance between Pope and pimp!!! In fact, they put together a test to see if you can tell the difference. Check out POPE OR PIMP!!!

Pillow Fight Club!!!

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