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The Invincible M.A.E.

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San Francisco

Happy Valentine's Day!

From ayrdaomei:
Pick 10 people and give them the "YOU MAKE MY DAY" award. If you're picked, and are so inclined, spread the love by picking 10 of your own! *

Aww! In vague chronological order:

  1. lastcatastrophe
  2. tamiflu
  3. robi0688
  4. frala
  5. bkm5191
  6. joolzie
  7. almightychrissy
  8. tersa
  9. abby20
  10. early_afternoon & crankygeek (Shh, it's not cheating)

If you did not make this list, this means you have to work harder at being nice to me. Technically, almightychrissy is earlier than joolzie, but I didn't force** myself to start really talking to her until pretty late.

It is Valentine's Day! Or Friendship Day as I used to celebrate with classmates in Singapore. Going to an all girls school for 10 years has convinced me that today is for girls. We used to make little cards for everyone and sometimes get gifts, and it was all very nice. :)

The massive pillow fight is gonna be on again tonight in Justin Herman Plaza!!! If I had a sacrificial pillow and wasn't swamped with work, I would actually be keen to go this year! Maybe I will just stage a pillow fight with my neighbours.

... okay, that probably wouldn't be as much fun.

* Okay, I lose because I didn't read the full instructions and I didn't get picked. Nevertheless, I post because I'm a rebel that way!

** "Force" because I always figured she had her group of friends and wouldn't be interested in talking to me. Not in an emo kind of way, but like... oh, she has no room for more friends. Which doesn't make sense, of course. Anyway, let this be a lesson to all of you! People are on AIM to talk. Don't be shy.

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Yay! Happy Friendship Day!!!!

yay for being a rebel! <3

aw your casue is making people smile! haha /cheesy

Happy Valentine's Day or Friend's Day to you!=)

You be the rebel! You don't have to be on the list to do it=)

Happy Valentine's Day! :D

Yeah! Anyone can be awesome! :P


Anyway, let this be a lesson to all of you! People are on AIM to talk. Don't be shy.

It's true! I always just assume people will talk to/friend me if they want to, and I was intimidated to talk to you, and Lira, and Joolzie, and ... you know, pretty much every awesome person I've ever talked to. And it's not even a self-esteem thing! It might be a shy thing, but it's mostly a "my brain is weird" thing.


I can see Lira being intimidating, and possibly Joolzie too because she's kind of mysterious! but me? I'm like the least intimidating person ever, hehe.

I know what you mean about it being a "brain is weird" thing, though. Like, hmm... maybe I'm bothering them! But if people didn't want to be bothered they would just not log on AIM or go invisible. (This is my internal monologue.)

Well, I'm not intimidated by you now, if that makes you feel better! :P It was mostly Fangirl Syndrome, I think.

Haha, exactly.

Hee! I was just amused. :) And that's so funny! We all form a mutual admiration society.

Wait, which of us did you have to force yourself to talk to? Because I don't know about joolzie, but I have so much room for more friends it's not even funny!

You make my day too :)

I meant you! :) Like, I always thought you were cool, but I figured you had your own circle of friends, and then one day I decided that I should try to talk to you more.


lol, I retroactively give you an honorary mention pick, how's that? :P Rules, schmules, really. It's all in the spirit of Friendship Day :)

If you did not make this list, this means you have to work harder at being nice to me.

I totally snorted my cranberry juice at that XP

Woohoo, honorary mention!!! :D


yay! *spins you around the room* I have a pile of spare pillows, some with panda's on them, and one day we shall have a pillow fight with them!

and rules-schmules, I always pick you, so you can totally do this.

Pillow fights are more fun when there are pandas on the pillows!!!

*squeaks* *snuggles*


Does telling you that being on your list totally made my day make me a huge lamer? Uh. Because ... it sort of totally did.

♥ Happy Friendship Day. Or as I like to say, Happy VD! :D

Edited at 2008-02-15 05:11 am (UTC)

*squeaks* That makes me really happy! :D

Whooo f1rst! :P I told Joolzie you loved me more than her! :P :P

Chronological order! That means me love you long(er) time!

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