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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers

But little does Ralph know about what will REALLY happen!

Was listening to a couple of KNBR interviews with Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum (shush) and at one point Lincecum starts talking about Zito (for no apparent reason! he wasn't asked about him) and Ralph interrupts and says, "Don't start hanging out with Zito--he's going to corrupt you" and Lincecum just chuckles and says, "Oh, I don't know, we'll see about that."


I had to pause the interview to process for a while, haha. It fits perfectly with this Zito/Lincecum fic I wrote a while ago. Also, I like how Lincecum is pretty much not allowed to hang out with anyone on the team because they're all going to corrupt him (according to Ralph).

In other Zito news, the Zito gay is finally gone after like 6 months. I think it was painted over in bright orange. *mourns* I shall miss it.

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i saw a picture of matt cain and timmy and timmy was adorrrrrrable, smiling with his head down.

<3 zito in all forms.

*squeaks* I love that he looks like such a little kid!!!

I read an article in the Merc the other day about how he has glad to not be traded, but he was very aloof about it somehow! He's so robotic in some ways, it's like he's not a real boy.

He's the baseball version of Vlasic! In his radio interview he did admit being worried about being traded, though. Aww!

Oh my god, I never realized where exactly that ZITO GAY thing was located. I freaking live on Montgomery! Er, my mom lives there, anyhow. :D :D :D

I live in North Beach and I walked past it every day on my way to work. It really brightened my day! :P

oh man, we're like right next to each other! I'm actually on Montgomery and Broadway, aka Titty Bar Central (die).

I have always wanted to live above a strip club!!!

Well, in practice it would probably not be as fun as I vaguely imagine it to be, but the thought has popped into my mind every now and then. Are you Chinese, perchance?

LOL yeah. My mom actually works at the Chinatown Public Library so that also explains our location. :)

It is actually not that bad because there are always police lurking around, so it's probably one of the safer neighborhoods, bizarrely.

Hee, my ex-roommate used to go to that library.

Yeah, North Beach is crawling with cops. I walk home late at night pretty often and I see them a lot.

My mom used to work at the North Beach branch too -- she's worked at like five or six different SFPL branches, it's crazy. :o Whereabouts NB are you located?

The North Beach one is the one I always go to! Or at least used to when I read books. Actually, I think I never returned one of the books and owe the library $30 or something. :(

I'm by Washington Square Park, near Mama's!

omfg, I wish I'd started writing and gotten this LJ a couple months back, because we were soooo close over winter break. I went to Caffe Greco like every single day: cafe au lait and sometimes a slice of their lemon cake. (scream)



Randomly, I found this bit on Shawn sledding with his kids. ... I thought he was 12. He's 29 with 2 kids?!!! WTF?!


I can't believe you watched that willingly!!! Nicky linked to it and I was too scared to click. Do his children have both eyes? *shrieks*

Okay, going to watch now.

Oh, good grief, that is the cutest little kid ever!

Edited at 2008-02-14 06:46 am (UTC)

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