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The little boys show the big boys how it's done

Finally got around to watching that Pens game where Crosby fought for the first time. And also where Chara and Laraque got into a fight that was so embarrassingly bad, they were given only 2-minute minors for delay of game. Then they came out of the box and got into another embarrassingly bad fight, but the refs took pity on them and gave them 5-minute majors. Then Sidney Crosby and Andy Ference, who is the size of a postage stamp, got into a real fight. You know, just to add even more to the embarrassment.

[Edit: The hilarity continues. Petr and Chara whining and pointing fingers at each other in the faceoff circle. Good times!]

An 11-year-old girl got hit by a taxi right next to me as I was walking home with Alex. Ack. She claimed to be okay and not in any pain, but there was a pretty loud thump when he hit her, and she was stumbling a bit after she got hit, so she might actually have been injured. Someone called 911 and an ambulance showed up and the paramedics checked her out. Poor kid.
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