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Cheech! Cheech!

Like it wasn't weepy enough watching Cheech get his hat trick, while they were doing their shot of him on the bench after the goal, Drew went on this emotional rant about how when he was struggling at the beginning of the season after his double hernia surgery, the media and fans were getting on him, and all he did was work hard to get better and and and... *cries*

I hope Patty isn't out for too long. :( You know, I'm... well, not to say I'm cool with goonery, but I think it's better than the whole accidentally-on-purpose shit that the Predators do every game. Like the Chris Simon skate stomping incident. A Preds version of that would be to pretend to sort of fall, and then oops, their skate would happen to land on someone's skate and sever their tendon. It makes me rageful! It is not an accident that they cause injuries to pretty much every team in the league. (And that their ex-players continue to do it.)

For those of you who missed or didn't get to watch Hockey Day In Canada, there are tons of clips up here. These are my favourites (and/or ones that might interest some of you):

8. Mike Babcock Story
I think at some point his dad refers to him as "little fart"!!!

25. Dustin Penner Returns
The only reason this is in the list is that I find Penner ridiculously hot. I used to just know him as that irritating guy on the Ducks who would score lots of goals against us, but then one day I saw his face and I was like, meep! And then I tried to banish the thought because he was the irritating guy on the Ducks who would score lots of goals against us, but failed.

43. Hockey Late Night
Jim Hughson! ♥ I think he's the best PBP guy. :D I just love these little "regular people having fun" segments.

There's also a ton of individual segments for Adrian Aucoin, Alex Steen, Brendan Shanahan, Bryan McCabe, Darcy Tucker, Garnet Exelby, Glen Murray, Ian White, Jarome Iginla, Jonathan Toews, Jordan Staal, Mark Recchi, Markus Naslund, Matt Stajan, Michael Peca, Mike Fisher, Mike Richards, Nick Foligno, Patrick Sharp, Sam Gagner, Shane Doan, Shawn Horcoff, Sheldon Souray, Wade Redden and Willie Mitchell.

Joe Flanigan (Sheppard on SGA) went to the same high school as Chip and Alex! And so did Noah Wyle (Carter from ER). This seems like a disproportionate number of successful actors from a tiny little school.
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