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Trade rumours, I love SF

Sharky things: There was a little segment featuring Tom Holy showing off his bobblehead aired during the Avs vs Sharks game! tersa, did you catch it? If not, I can upload. Or if anyone else wants to watch it let me know. *crickets* *tumbleweed* [Edit 2: Uploaded it here.]

Was watching Hockey Day In Canada and they talked a bit about trade rumours. Apparently Doug offered Matt Carle and a pick for Wade Redden but Wade didn't want to go. And a couple of teams (Washington and ?) apparently have shown interest in Carle. I would rather a trade (not necessarily of him) happen sooner than later. And preferably not while we're on our trip, which is probably when it will happen. :P

I get so weepy watching Hockey Day In Canada every year! I'm always more susceptible to that when I'm sleep-deprived, but the hockey lurve always gets to me. And yay for Vesa getting first start today!!! :D Apparently the key to beating the Wings is to be a last place team.

I started watching Eli Stone because there were good reviews. I'd sworn off watching stuff just for the San Francisco city porn, but I would have liked this even if it had been set in another city. It's very heartwarming in a quirky way, kind of like Pushing Daisies. Plus George Michael appears in the show singing "Faith". These shows are all teases, though. They give you tons of city porn in the first episode and then gradually it dies off and suddenly they're shooting exteriors in LA. *bitter*

So short on sleep. :( I'm going to finish my epic laundry run today and then take a nice nap. *yawns*

[Edit: I've only started noticing this year that Nabby is quite an aggressive goalie. He's not exactly Eddie "Break Your Fucking Legs" Belfour, but he's quite fierce! During this one replay of him making a good save, they also caught him basically shoving a guy out of his crease and onto his face. And he just slashed Rick Nash in the legs last night. Speaking of Belfour, was anyone else traumatized by his son? :(]
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