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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Matt Carle

Trade rumours, I love SF

Sharky things: There was a little segment featuring Tom Holy showing off his bobblehead aired during the Avs vs Sharks game! tersa, did you catch it? If not, I can upload. Or if anyone else wants to watch it let me know. *crickets* *tumbleweed* [Edit 2: Uploaded it here.]

Was watching Hockey Day In Canada and they talked a bit about trade rumours. Apparently Doug offered Matt Carle and a pick for Wade Redden but Wade didn't want to go. And a couple of teams (Washington and ?) apparently have shown interest in Carle. I would rather a trade (not necessarily of him) happen sooner than later. And preferably not while we're on our trip, which is probably when it will happen. :P

I get so weepy watching Hockey Day In Canada every year! I'm always more susceptible to that when I'm sleep-deprived, but the hockey lurve always gets to me. And yay for Vesa getting first start today!!! :D Apparently the key to beating the Wings is to be a last place team.

I started watching Eli Stone because there were good reviews. I'd sworn off watching stuff just for the San Francisco city porn, but I would have liked this even if it had been set in another city. It's very heartwarming in a quirky way, kind of like Pushing Daisies. Plus George Michael appears in the show singing "Faith". These shows are all teases, though. They give you tons of city porn in the first episode and then gradually it dies off and suddenly they're shooting exteriors in LA. *bitter*

So short on sleep. :( I'm going to finish my epic laundry run today and then take a nice nap. *yawns*

[Edit: I've only started noticing this year that Nabby is quite an aggressive goalie. He's not exactly Eddie "Break Your Fucking Legs" Belfour, but he's quite fierce! During this one replay of him making a good save, they also caught him basically shoving a guy out of his crease and onto his face. And he just slashed Rick Nash in the legs last night. Speaking of Belfour, was anyone else traumatized by his son? :(]

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Eeee! Tom Holy! No, I didn't see it, please upload! (Jennie will want to see it too :).

I don't think Nabby hit Nash's leg, the way he went down. o.O And dude, he punched someone back in 2004!

It was tucked in just after a commercial break. I thought you'd get a kick out of it. :P Here.

It was just at the edge of the camera and I didn't replay it. I just saw whack/shove, hehe. :D I think most goalies have a certain level of aggression but I feel like he's showing it more this year!

1. I had a dream about Toskala last night. NO LIE.

2. Ok, when I was watching the Sens/Blackhawks game earlier this year (the one that Cindy was at as I watched on the phone, dammit) Nabby totally whacked some guy in the legs like he was a damn woodchopper.

!!! What was Vesa doing?

Nabby has become so much more ornery! I hope he never decides to drop the gloves, though.

Why are you tramatized by Dayn?


also I really wanted to watch Eli Stone and then I missed it:( Damn it.

I'm not really sure they could be on the same team without conflict! There might have to be a brow-off!!!

You can watch both episodes online at the ABC website. :)

I started laughing when I saw Redden-for-Carle, because I imagined that both fanbases would just end up in tears. (Just based on what I've heard about Carle, and, uh, watching Wade. In case Jill reads this: I love Wade! I wish him the very best! Just ... he's gone this summer anyway, he's never going to get better here, and oh my god, he sucks so hard these days. :()

That said, Murray denies that any of the names mentioned were involved, so I dunno.

Anyway, Happy Hockey Day! I can't even express how happy HDIC makes me (although I just realized that I rarely watch their specials, just the games, heh). <3

Well, hopefully it was just one of those things that someone pulled out of their ass. Like when they saw Doug Wilson talking to uhh... umm... Gainey? who is the Habs GM? and everyone is like THE SHARKS WANT SOURAY!!! and gave me a heart attack, but actually they wanted Rivet.

I only caught some of it today (enough to get Penner being interviewed in Manitoba though! *squeaks*) but it just makes me more emotional. Canadians are a noble, suffering people.

all my sports teams are crap this year. newcastle, the leafs, the mooloo's even my netball team is garbage.

I may have to take up a new sport.

NETBALL!!! The only team sport I ever played, haha. I think you may be the only person on my friends list who knows what it is.

Hockey (and recently, basketball) is the saving grace of the Bay Area sports scene.

Clearly, the game where someone ran him over and he skated over to stand over the guy and lifted his stick like he was going to slice him open, was before your time. I wish I could find an article, I don't remember at all who they were playing. I really thought to myself "Nabby's going to kill him and then my goalie's going to be arrested."

On the subject of games I'd like to find articles for, I'd really like to find one about that game where Owen punched Naslund in the face for no good reason and Drew defended it, and the one where he came off the bench and jumped on someone's back. I have the worst memory.

*gasp* That would never happen now! Ehrhoff would kill them!!!

Punching Nazzy in the face is the most hilarious thing ever, because... you know that he wasn't going to do anything even remotely aggressive. And Drew defending him kills me. He has the biggest mancrush ever on Owen.

Gah, that video is absurdly cute. I wish the 'Hawks did bobbleheads. They do lawn gnomes, though, apparently. :O

I wish I could've watched Hockey Day in Canada, but we barely get acceptable basic tv. HEAVES BIG SIGH; STOMPS OFF

*dies* Those things are a little terrifying. Imagine a whole army of them bearing down on you!!!

You can watch a lot of the stuff online here! I'm browsing through for interesting stuff I've missed. First clip I watched made me weepy already. *sniffle*

There was also evidently mention that y'alls be wanting the Seabs. It has this one nutcase over at the main Hawks boards all in a tizzy.

Argh, yes, thank you! I knew there was one other significant person mentioned who I couldn't remember. I don't think it would help for us to get Seabrook anyway, we would just traumatize him.

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