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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love

Lack of time is the mother of inspiration?

spoothbrush, did I ever tell you the Lateralus random blowjob story?

A black dude sitting in a pickup wished me "gong hey fatt choy" on my way to work. :)

There's a ton of stuff to do at work before I go on my trip (whee! whee!) and I'm learning how to use Fireworks and I am not a graphic designer *flail* *flail* but I came up with the plot last night for like an entire part of Making the Band! Stupid catch-22 of having stuff to do and getting ideas.

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*shakes fist at AIM*

The Sharks acquired a minor league Dman. You think DW's positioning to trade someone else?

Probably. But you know with him typically there's no indication of who the target is. :P


Mae, you make my life AWESOME.

*smooch* I'm not sure when I'll get to actually write it, but it will take place partly at the All-Star Game! :)

The very concept of more MAKING THE BAND in the future, however distant, makes my life.

Um, nooooooo... SHARE SHARE.

Basically she showed up at one of those YPP parties set on giving RD a blowjob, and some random dude had wandered into the party cos' there was beer, and for some reason, she thought he was RD, and went into a bathroom with him...

I don't know why I suddenly thought of that today.

I... find that 100% believable.

10 days on the East Coast! New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Worcester (near Boston), Pittsburgh. It's hockey-related. I'll make a more detailed post soon. :D

Wow, sounds fun! Stay warm, though!

Goong Hai Fatt Choy to you. ;) A day late.


Well, Chinese New Year is 2 weeks, so it's still appropriate. :P

If I don't go straight to sleep after the Sharks game tonight, I might be able to write it! Or maybe write while watching the game. I'm kind of in a perfect state of delirious exhaustion today.

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