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Leaving on a southern train

Played Rock Band. Becoming less and less gimpy with the drums. But just in terms of playing effectiveness. General consensus was that I looked like Rain Man when I was playing the ending sequence of Enter Sandman. Made it through Interstate Love Song on hard with help from Chip on guitar. :D

Thanks to nflfans, missed one day of LJ and had skip=160 to deal with. So many posts about the Patriots "choking" but I don't think they did. It wasn't like they had blown out a bunch of challenging opponents recently and were this unstoppable juggernaut going into the game. They just always found a way to win, which in some ways makes 16-0 even more impressive.

The game itself was close, and there weren't any shocking breakdowns or anything. Giants had a great pass rush that either hurried or got to Brady a lot. Their offensive line gave Eli time to make plays. Receivers came up with clutch catches. Everyone on the team contributed, which is why Eli got the MVP award--when you can't figure out who to pick because so many people did key things, by default it goes to the QB. :P

The X-Files is on, and I suddenly realize that I have Scully hair.
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