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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants ween!

Just got back from Lira's place. Went over to watch the Superbowl with her and her mom. We had Pasta Pomodoro and nachos and chocolate cupcakes, yum! The game itself was really fun too!!! Really close the whole way, and I got to watch my secondary team ween! :D This was the first Superbowl I watched where it was actually possible for the NFC team to win, so I was looking forward to it and it didn't disappoint. :)

That play on 3rd and long(?) where Eli gets swarmed by Patriots, runs away, then throws this long pass to Tyree who jumps up and catches the football against his helmet was so amazing.

Safe to say that no brothers will ever win back to back Superbowls again? :P

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I think I watched that clip about eight times and teared up massively, it was so beautiful and I don't like the G-men especially but by god I was a huge fan tonight:

Haha, me and Lira jumped off the couch with our arms raised after that catch.

There was this tiny part of me that gave up when New England scored that last TD. And I was EXHAUSTED (my dad worked until 8, so we'd been taping and were thus watching delayed, so it was maybe 11:15 at that point and I just needed to go to bed) and then the Giants just.....oh man. And then that happened and I was just in DISBELIEF.


I still had faith! They had the 2 minute warning and 3 timeouts and they've done the fourth quarter comeback thing before so I was feeling pretty good.

Yeah, I was like, "I totally can't believe that Eli escaped and that Tyree made that catch!!!"

I also love how Eli's nickname is that of a rapper (wasn't he with NWA originally?) because Eli is like almost Canadian.

because Eli is like almost Canadian.


I'm glad you guys had fun!!

It was awesome!!! :D Watching with friends is great.

OMG! Not ONLY did he catch it against his helmet, he did it WITH ONE HAND!!!

I jumped up off the couch and screamed, rewinded the TiVo like 3x just to watch and rewatch it. Fabulous play.

Absolutely play of the game.

Yeah, two really amazing individual efforts there. I still don't know how Eli escaped from that pile, haha.


I sat down and had it open... then checked the time and had to go, haha. Reading now! :D

There is another fic by the same author which I merely skimmed but then I saw the last line of it and MY LIFE WAS MADE COMPLETE.

Is that the one Amy commented on where she said that the fic I read was basically the same plot as the other fic with names changed?

Well, Amy's just a hater then because the plots were completely different in every way.

They actually were totally different! You know, she's actually a pretty good writer. Umm, content aside. This is almost how I felt when I discovered... uhh... [writer who I will not name here].

I was joking. I think the girl pasted the first story in with her second post on accident, but then went back and changed it.

Dude, I am *really* enjoying her fics. I should link you to this other fic that was in all seriousness really good, and then when watching HNIC I realized what the pairing actually looked like and almost barfed. It's like when I loved Cassidy's fic and then saw Dany Heatley for the first time... well, I mean, obviously, nothing could be as terrible as Dany's face, but you get the idea.

But they had different premises! One had a wife and one didn't!

You know, just seeing the name Malkin or Ovechkin and NC-17 in the same header horrifies me. :(

No, when Amy first read it, it was the first story pasted in the second story's post. She had to go back and fix.

Oh, this was the story: http://community.livejournal.com/so_not_true/155367.html#cutid1 I thought it was so hot. Now I know why the girl blurred the image in her icon.

Oh... haha, so it was literally the same fic! That's awesome.

Fic about them freaks me out. Because I keep seeing them as they are now and K-Lowe has horrible combovers and Craig Simpson has horse dentures and plastic hair. :(

Dropping your pants on stage does not deploy Star Power!

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