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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Good fic and cheap DVDs

Funny how there was recent discussion about low quality of fic on 2mins4slashing and then bkm5191 mentions wanting friendship fic, and lo, good friendship fic appears in the community. It is Blackhawks gen, so please don't be scared by the mention of Harvey the Hound in the header and start worrying about furries or things like that.

There was a sale on DVD sets and SGA S1 and S2 were only $17 each with free shipping and and and... I caved! Especially having heard from almightychrissy that there are good extras. Buffy, Angel, SG1 and X-Files are also around the same price range for each season if anyone's interested. deepdiscount.com

Still angsting over Rock Band. I actually enjoy this kind of angst. It's like the angst I go through whenever I upgrade my computer. I only have a PS2 and that version doesn't have online play (don't care) or the band world tour mode (which I do care a bit about). But apparently the controllers can be used with the PS3 so if I get one in the future, then I could just pick up the Rock Band game for like $60.

For that matter I could just pick up the game for PS2 and I would have 2 guitars and the mic, so the only thing I couldn't do is play drums. BUT the drums are the biggest draw for me in Rock Band. They're really challenging and kick my ass but that's what makes it fun. We've also gotten to the point where we have to play songs at hard difficulty in order to gain more fans and while I can sight read most of the songs on hard difficulty on guitar well enough to pass, neither Chip nor I can get through the majority of drums on hard. So drums is what I would want to practice on my own.

If my roomie was keen on playing and would play like... once or twice a week with me then it's a no-brainer and I would just pick up the full Rock Band bundle. But she doesn't seem that interested, so the game would be pretty much just for solo practice (at $160). *angsts* (I have a $50 Amazon gift certificate, which means it could cost me $110 to buy it, but that $50 could be applied to something else, so I can't treat it as a discount. This is why I don't go into credit card debt.)

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Yay, thanks for the rec! I was a little bit wary about posting there at first because it seemed to be overwhelmingly slash-oriented, but I'm really happy about the response I've gotten so far. Plus, I got to meet some new frenzzzz, so that's always good!

I don't know why anyone would ever be afraid to post in that community. ;)

BTW, I uploaded this Blackhawks clip a while ago that's pretty cool. Kane and Toews are in it but it's about the team and city in general.

That's really hilarious -- I definitely have that video favorited on my YouTube account. :D

I wandered through 2mins and ihf the other day looking for something interesting to read but it all looked horrific, so I left again. I shall have to check out this one when I get home (as they tend to frown on reading fic at work... ;)).

I still think you should get Rock Band, but you know I'm biased! ;)

I am blessed with the ability to skim through a fic in 5 seconds and be able to determine whether it's good or it sucks, and I also have excellent mental defenses so I have no fear of being traumatized. So I'm efficient at picking out whatever good stuff there is!

I'm really leaning towards it! Why won't my roomie play? Wah!

Heh, did the discussion ever come to any conclusion?

Nope. Not in either of the two giant threads I saw about it.

There's another one? I only read part of the one in your LJ and never saw the original.

lastdriveby's lj. That one had like 100 comments.

I am filtered out of it! *bursts into tears*

Yeah, but ask to be in her fic filter!
*pats you on the back and sends Jody Shelley with cookies* lol...

I'm in her fic filter. Just not whatever one this discussion was in, hehe.

She probably just didn't know you well enough to know that you wouldn't be offended by her fic-bitching filter (my bitching and moaning surely got me in ;))! Ask her, she'll let you in.

Edited at 2008-01-31 11:18 pm (UTC)

Ahahaha yes, all my complaining is confined to AIM and email.

I remember reading this on-line comic once and the guy was talking about his favourite rock bands and the punchline was that he never listened to music, and go them all from like rock band. / random, I'll look out for it today I'm pretty sure I know where it is.

I've found so much good music from Guitar Hero and Rock Band! A lot of the songs grew on me after listening to them a few times. Playing the songs also helps! :D I think all I've been listening to at work the past few days has either been stuff from those games or some of the rain songs.



I couldn't find the one I actually meant, but you might like picking through this guy anyway.

*grin* Nice. Also the first one looks to be a pretty complicated solo, heh.


it's weird, some of those are dated, but I know the references!! I am old, the world moves fast.

Muahaha, I know exactly which songs by those artists are in the game!!!

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