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The Invincible M.A.E.

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A baseball fan in Malaysia?

Somebody from Malaysia has been reading my baseball fic. The only person I know in Malaysia who likes baseball is lastcatastrophe's dad, so I hope it's not him. :P

Watched the episode of Snoop Dogg's reality show where he and his kids go to skate with the Ducks. "No snow in da hood!" Pronger and Getzlaf try to teach Snoop how to like... receive passes and shoot the puck and stuff. Getzlaf's bald spot was not present; unfortunately, Pronger's receding hairline was. :( Snoop's conclusion was that hockey is like football on ice and that he could fall in love with it. Aww.

Sharks traded for Jody Shelley. While this not quite like a Avs sign Bertuzzi type of situation, it feels kind of awkward to me.

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Snoop Dogg's affinity for hockey is something I'll never get over. It's too funny. And I kind of like how the Ducks are taking advantage of that celebrity support.

Your situation with the baesball fic reminds me of the time when some girl from Russia read a soccer fic I'd written and wanted to translate it into Russian for her lj comm. It was really bizarre but in a warm-and-fuzzy kind of way. I do hope it's not your friend's dad, though, because that could be awkward!

He's pretty hilarious. He just keeps grumbling about how black men can't skate in a good-natured way.

See, at least people in Russia play and follow soccer, though. Baseball in Malaysia is like... curling. The whole translation thing is kind of bizarre! So much could be lost in translation, especially where fan fiction is concerned because word choice and phrasing are so important.

Ah, true. Well, hey, that's good, right? Especially if it's not your friend's dad.

I ran the translated fic through Babelfish and it was kind of amazing how accurate she was. There was like one line that she misinterpreted but otherwise it read like my original fic. Again, weird but cool?!

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