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Spezza likes his special tool stiff all the time!

They interviewed Spezza before the All-Star Game and asked him about his sticks and... apparently he's very concerned with their stiffness! His sticks have to be stiff all the time! And he likes to shave them! And then he gets asked about other special equipment he might have, in relation to his groin injury!!!

When I found out that they were going to sell the Rock Band peripherals separately, I briefly considered getting just the drums + game for PS2 because I already have a microphone and 2 (borrowed) guitars and that would make a full band, but the drums are going to be $80 and the game is $50. That's only less than the $160 for the bundle which would also include a guitar (the special one with the separate solo frets) and another microphone, which I could use with Karaoke Revolution for duets or just for 2 people to sing at the same time.

$160 is a lot, though, especially because I would be playing solo most of the time. *but still covets*

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