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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Rock Band progress

You know, I actually kind of miss good badfic, like "way up north" (don't remember what it was actually called). It takes a certain kind of talent to get something just awful enough in a certain way to be fantastic! It's kind of a shame that you can never tell the author how much you enjoyed it, though. :(

I played Rock Band tonight for the first time in over a week! And I have miraculously improved in my drumming skills. I was able to get through a bunch of the easier songs on hard difficulty tonight. Chip says that some kind of neural remapping thing goes on in between sessions. But! I have made it through Green Grass & High Tides and Enter Sandman on medium without gimping it! Slow but steady progress. :)

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Way Up North? I don't recall this one! :(

It involved Ryan Getzlaf! He was way up north!

I know I'll probably regret this, but do you have a link? :P

Ah yes, that one. Almost as good as that one on HD, with Vinny's cheesy French accent? Chrissy will remember. :D

This was like... with his crazy scary erection, right?

Yep. It was kind of a masterpiece.

You can't tell them it was so awful that you enjoyed it or you can't tell because you will be mocked by your friends?

The first. What if they get so upset they never write again? :( :( :(

Hm... I was just thinking the other day, completely randomly, of a story I'd meant to write back when I was writing hockey fic, but never did. I decided I should write it.

It'll be bad, I'm sure, since the premise is soooo reachy (not Ricci).

So you are actually setting out to write badfic!!!

Sort of. But not PWP badfic, just bad-plot-fic? Something like that.

That is really the best kind.

Heh, ok. Maybe I'll have to find time to write it, then. =p

People who write intentional badfic win major points in my book. XD

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