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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Evgeni Nabokov

I always forget what I was going to say when I post stuff

Went over to tersa's place yesterday and we watched the Super Skills stuff together. She made yummy bean chili and cornbread, mmm!!! It was very fun! We got to cheer and laugh together and giggle over things like DiPietro being asked how he felt about "guys coming on him like that". :P

I love the way Whore looked confused a lot, and the shot of him flinching in terror was priceless. Realised with horror that I would have loved the Jonas Brothers if I was 12. Err... I don't remember much else. Go read Tammy's post! ;)

I really liked this quote that surgingshark posted:
"So what if nobody cares about you? Your value is decided by yourself,not the rest of the world. Forget about fitting in, forget about being popular...be you, and be good at being you, not the you that they claim you are, but the you that you really are. If you don't know who you really are, past the perceptions of the planet, then that just means it's a damn good time to find out."

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I think that's a good quote for kids to hear, but I'm not sure you can own it until you get older.

Also: http://www.nhl.tv/team/launch.htm?type=fvod&id=11289&catid=379

ASG Coaches Round Table. I really enjoyed it!

That was on NHL Network and I recorded it. I'll watch... at some point. I'm sure Babcock and Ron had interesting things to say.

that is a great quote! I still cant beleive I slept through the all star game

You know, I was so tired yesterday that I fell asleep during the first period and woke up right after Savard scored at the end. I have amazing timing, eh? :P I loved the stuff with Kovalchuk and Nabby. ♥

I saw that on highlights it was really cute!

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