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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Martian Love


Made it through a night of harrowing dreams involving no less than 5 pregnancies, one of which I think was mine I thin (it's hard to tell because my dreams are usually like movies). Woke up thinking I'd made it, but... needed 2 more hours of sleep, so I turned the TV on (it helps me fall asleep). It's recording a bunch of interviews with people at the All-Star Game and...

Alyssa Milano is on my screen!!!

I swear my first thought was "OMG she's going to start fucking her way through hockey players now!!!" sadly, with more of an element of excitement than "eww". It's kind of practical to have a winter sport and a summer sport, she can fuck the baseball players in the winter and the hockey players in the summer!

And then Maaaaaaaaaaaaaarian appeared on my TV and I popped up to watch. :D They were not very nice and asked him about possible impending trades and UFA and contracts, but he didn't seem annoyed by it. He looks so much older now. :\

Anyway, perhaps the excitement of seeing Marian has died down and I can go back to sleep now.

[Edit: So! Quotes from Vlasic that shed more light on why he was sent to Worcester. From here:
“It’s part of the process of being a pro — that’s what they told me,” Vlasic said of the trip here, “and that’s how I’m looking at it. I’ll get some time on the power play, and being in a game will be good for me instead of just having three days off.

“I’ll just have to do so well that one game’s all I play here. I have to make sure they want me back.”

So they do want him to be more offensive! I'm actually fine with him taking the hit on +/- earlier in the season if it contributed to the development of his offensive skills because I think he's more than capable of doing well in that aspect. Hopefully the baby Sharks draw lots of penalties and he gets more opportunities to practice. :P]

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So are you going to be watching the Youngstars/Skills tonight? Can you do me a favor and keep an eye out for Horcoff's family because Hi, i really want pictures of them hehe I will love you forever!

I didn't see him! There was a pre-game interview with him, though. Tammy watched it on nhl.com, but it's part of like the whole pre-game show (2.5 hours).

They interviewed him on CBC a couple of times, I just wasn't sure what they'd show on VS so I wanted to make sure haha. I just wanted his family.

(Deleted comment)
Hee, thanks! Haha, you must have loved that they mic'd him for the Young Stars game. He was hilarious!!!

Hahahaha about your Alyssa Milano comment! I get that way too sometimes, where I root for some chick to burn through a bunch of guys like "Yeah you get dat ass!"

There's just something inherently hilarious about it!

Alyssa Milano already slutted her way through hockey players! Rob Brown for sure, and I'm having some thought about Ron Duguay? But that may have been ... Someone else. Anyway, she's been there done that. :P

All Star stuff made me happy/weepy.

I don't even know those people. But I only started watching hockey fo' real in 2002 and she's a little older than me. She broke Barry Zito's heart, muahahahaha!!!

Mr. Kaberle seemed very happy all weekend!!! And as Abby mentioned, the absence of Heatley probably improved things a lot. :P

Rob Brown? Oh, god, he does colour on our PPVs and he's HORRIBLE.

So this woman writes that FNL's ratings suck b/c fans aren't writing fanfic, so this guy responds with a fanfic about Smash taking on Al Qaeda. Hahahahah

“Momma, I gotta do this,” said Smash.

“What about your job at the Alamo Freeze?” asked his mother.

*dies* Oh god, I can actually picture that exchange perfectly.

Fan fiction doesn't necessarily correlate with a show's popularity/quality I don't think. I mean, you look at something like SGA or Supernatural, which I've heard are some of the biggest fandoms, and... they're not exactly good shows. (In fact, Supernatural is actually quite awful, but that's another story.)

They're shows that give you interesting characters that have interesting interactions with other characters, and then put them in interesting situations. And FNL does that, but it does it almost perfectly. It's relatively easy to equal or surpass the average SGA and Supernatural episode, not so much for FNL.

My sister once said that when a show satisfied her completely she didn't need to write fanfic.

Yeah! Actually, I think I remember you telling me that. Or possibly telling me from the other side, that there was lots of Roswell fic to "fix" the show, hehe.

Although what's funny is that she was using this to describe a soap opera she had gotten into.

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