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Warm cookie alert!!!

In what is possibly the best use of the internets ever, I just found out that Specialty's sends out warm cookie alerts. Chip and Jenny just left the office to get some semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies because they sent out an email announcing a freshly baked batch.

It was raining moderately today on the way to work, which in California terms means torrential downpour, and I can't explain why, but it was super fun! I was grinning the whole way. Then the wind kicked up and my jeans ended up soaked to the thigh. Good thing I have a pair of shorts at the office that I changed in to and then abused the server room by draping my wet jeans over a chair right in front of the fan. Four hours later and they're completely dry! :D

In honour of the rain, I have listened to all the songs I have on my work machine that have "rain" in the title:
Jane Siberry - It Can't Rain All The Time
Missy Elliott - The Rain
Belinda Carlisle - Summer Rain

Unfortunately, I think that's all I've got here. :P Any other rain songs y'all like? I can probably find 'em on YouTube.
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