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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jonathan Cheechoo

Oh how I've missed Cheech playing like that

Tonight Cheech blocked a shot and stayed in the game even though he was still hobbling at the end of it, down the tunnel. He went all out in trying to score goals; he played like he did before Joe came to the team. It feels like it's been so long since I've seen that kind of game from him that I got weepy when he immediately fell on his face after scoring his second goal because I'd missed that so much too.

He was kind of the saving grace of the first full season of Sharks hockey that I watched. He just went all out every game and he would just make goals happen. Either that or he'd score himself into the net. :P And his celebrations were so amazing! He would get so excited and kick and flail that more often than not he would put himself flat on the ice. *siiiiiigh*

Nice to see it again. :D

[Edit: Phew, Cheech says his ankle was just bruised. I was a little worried about him gimping away hastily after the game, but I guess he was just trying to avoid John Schrader. :P]

Also! Brilliant idea in the latest episode of SGA to separate everyone into pairs. That show just seems to get stronger and stronger every season. Keller seemed so bland at first, but now they've gone and given her *gasp* character and stuff!

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SGA just keeps getting better and better! :)

It does! I'm really intrigued to see what replicator!Weir is up to, too!

Supposedly RepliWeir's storyline will deeply impact Season Five, so I look forward to that.

... does that mean she'll be in Season 5? :D Or just that she gets sent out with a bang? :(

I don't know if they've written Torri in yet (or if Torri even wants to come back considering how bad the blood seems to be between them at the moment), but I think she'll have off-stage impact at least.

Unfortunately, I think her impact or possible limited return is being over-shadowed with the return of Carson (which that announcement has still never gone official, but unofficially Joe Mallozzi keeps mentioning it).

What exactly happened there? I never understood why her role on the show was reduced.

Carson dying was very boggling.

They claim it was because they wanted to take the storyline in a new direction.

She claims it's because they couldn't afford to pay Amanda Tapping's salary unless they took out both her and Paul.

Neither side will say the other is right, but honestly...Amanda had another year on her contract, they like her ALOT and Torri's always been the loose canon on the show (not as bad as Rainbow, but it's beginning to be compared now)

They adore Paul and were very happy to write him back in. It was a bad choice when they made it, though it did shake up the show in a way that has been beneficial long-term.

I wasn't aware that there was any issue with him either! :P

It's really too bad because Weir was one of my favourite things about the show. She would always make those hard decisions and Sheppard would be the bleeding heart trying to change her mind.

I love it when players do that.

The first time I saw Hemsky block a shot this year I think I might have died. There was definitely clutching and incoherent pointing involved. But whatever, I want my teammmm back. Sigh.

God, I love SGA more and more as time goes on.

Ahahaha, was it MacT's birthday?

Yeah, I would compare it to House in terms of steady improvement from season to season.

He still does it from time to time! It baffles me COMPLETELY.

I don't like all the house haters this season :(

That's what happens when people get all like... shippy and stuff and overly attached to characters! I thought it was an amazing risk they took that paid off better than I could ever have imagined. Besides, it seemed like they were about to ease Chase and Cameron back into the show.

Okay I'm not gonna lie, if they axed Cuddy I might get all up in arms and flail WORST SHOW EVER, but yeah. I like Chase and Cameron a LOT better when House isn't around.

That would completely remove an antagonist in any position of real power! Dude, Chase and Cameron are like... the puppy recruits who cry their way through basic military training (err, that's the Singaporean term) then get sent out for a tour of duty and come back all scarred up and badass.

Yes! Omg, that's exactly it. And I like that they're all snarky and cute together now. "I like him better this way, don't you?" made me happy like no other. And puppies are particularly apt.

It's also good from a RL perspective too, I think, given the whole broken engagement thingie.

Awww. I was thinking something similar about Vermette last night, because not only did he finally score again -- with Jason! -- but he immediately tripped over a defender and flew gracelessly into the boards. And I was like "... that's my boy! *cries*"

Isn't it weird how heart melting that is??? Just like how I feel when Petr adjusts himself. :P

It is! Especially since some of those heartwarming traits are not so charming on other people. :P

Anything I might say would be just be drowned by tears of love. :') You really must find that clip of Patty laughing and trash-talking!

Cheeeeeeech. *sniffs*


I've seen him do it before though, where he just kind of laughs derisively at people trying to bother him. ♥

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