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Oh how I've missed Cheech playing like that

Tonight Cheech blocked a shot and stayed in the game even though he was still hobbling at the end of it, down the tunnel. He went all out in trying to score goals; he played like he did before Joe came to the team. It feels like it's been so long since I've seen that kind of game from him that I got weepy when he immediately fell on his face after scoring his second goal because I'd missed that so much too.

He was kind of the saving grace of the first full season of Sharks hockey that I watched. He just went all out every game and he would just make goals happen. Either that or he'd score himself into the net. :P And his celebrations were so amazing! He would get so excited and kick and flail that more often than not he would put himself flat on the ice. *siiiiiigh*

Nice to see it again. :D

[Edit: Phew, Cheech says his ankle was just bruised. I was a little worried about him gimping away hastily after the game, but I guess he was just trying to avoid John Schrader. :P]

Also! Brilliant idea in the latest episode of SGA to separate everyone into pairs. That show just seems to get stronger and stronger every season. Keller seemed so bland at first, but now they've gone and given her *gasp* character and stuff!
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