The Invincible M.A.E. (harleymae) wrote,
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We lost, didn't we?

Hmm, I've pretty much gathered that the Sharkies sucked some ass tonight. I'm just not sure how much ass was sucked. Ooh ... *distracted* ... err, anyways, this is my fault. I didn't have time to write proper smut. *shamefaced*

On the good side, we went to watch The Two Towers and it was really good! And Sam and Frodo are soinlove. Every single scene. Even Chip was grinning madly. *sigh* We have to wait another year for the next part? *pouts* Seeing all that great fantasy stuff revived my D&D Thornstrom/Arkora/Natuzzi bunny. *tries to put it back in its hutch*

I should really go home now and face the music. *weeps*
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