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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Joe Thornton will help YOU lose weight!

From here:
Thornton recently learned that a Sharks employee was going to fight the battle of the bulge by engaging in a weight-loss competition that included a cash prize. One afternoon the employee texted Thornton with a question: "What should I eat tonight?"

Thornton promptly called the employee back and told him not to worry about it. "We're going grocery shopping for you," he said.

The employee protested, saying it was a nice gesture but that he could handle his own shopping. Thornton insisted. A couple hours later, Thornton and his girlfriend showed up at the employee's house.

"It was a whole trunk full of stuff," the employee said. "About 12 bags. All healthy stuff. Chicken breast. Whole wheat English muffins. Pre-made salads. Yogurt. Almonds. Healthy Choice cereals. Low-fat turkey."

I know this is supposed to be... heartwarming or something, but it actually makes me feel kind of nauseous. :P

We seem to have reached a plateau of fans in Rock Band. Wah. :(

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Yeah, that... that's squicky. I mean, yay that Joe wants to help the guy and all, but... I dunno. It makes me feel kinda sick about it too.

I mean, I wouldn't have minded it so much if Joe had taken the guy to the store and made recommendations, but to shop for him...eh, no thanks.

Exactly. This is just a bit much.

A lot of it is that Joe kind of bothers me. I can't even really explain why. If somebody else on the team had done it, like Curtis Brown, I would have been, "Aww!"

Hopefully they were smart enough not to buy an entire bag of salad. :P

Pre-made salads? I mean, I guess that's good for the lazy, but don't you buy those like.. meal at a time?

Yeah, more or less. I'm imagining an entire shopping bag of them! :P

I don't know, man. Healthy food is so expensive, I'd probably take it and run.

I don't know that in that situation you can exactly tell someone to fuck off. :P

(Deleted comment)
Muahahaha, that would be perfect if it was him!

... What the hell? Seriously, he's like that puppy you don't wanna deal with 'cause he's kind of dirty and gross and likes to lick your feet but you just CAN'T kick him away because then you'd feel bad :(

Puppy! Like the hate fic I wrote about him called Puppy Love!

Maybe that's where the connection came from. :/

And on a completely different tangent, Ronon checking Keller out after the "get to know each other better" line and the flustered and -- oh my god, how did they sell me on a pairing in TEN SECONDS?

Dude, yes!!! I read Chrissy's spoiler post and I was like Ronon/Keller WTF???!!! But it made sense in the show. SGA has such creative ideas. Splitting people up into pairs like that was brilliant.

And how they managed to break up Rodney and Katie without killing either of them/making one of them the villain. The mind boggles!

They did that "goodbye" thing so well. The whole episode was really well-directed.

Now I wanna get fat so NHL players can invade my privacy with their whole wheat muffins.

... first time I've heard that euphemism.

Hey, did you know there's a Kimi Raikkonen Lego set? It's too small to see there, but on the right is #6 K. Raikkonen.

I'm not going to lie, thats creepy, however, muffins!

It's an English muffin! That's not even the same thing!

But it's still muffin-esque! ;p

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