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Joe Thornton will help YOU lose weight!

From here:
Thornton recently learned that a Sharks employee was going to fight the battle of the bulge by engaging in a weight-loss competition that included a cash prize. One afternoon the employee texted Thornton with a question: "What should I eat tonight?"

Thornton promptly called the employee back and told him not to worry about it. "We're going grocery shopping for you," he said.

The employee protested, saying it was a nice gesture but that he could handle his own shopping. Thornton insisted. A couple hours later, Thornton and his girlfriend showed up at the employee's house.

"It was a whole trunk full of stuff," the employee said. "About 12 bags. All healthy stuff. Chicken breast. Whole wheat English muffins. Pre-made salads. Yogurt. Almonds. Healthy Choice cereals. Low-fat turkey."

I know this is supposed to be... heartwarming or something, but it actually makes me feel kind of nauseous. :P

We seem to have reached a plateau of fans in Rock Band. Wah. :(
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