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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Marleau

The Giants are going to the Superbowl!!!

It's kind of disgusting how excited and nervous I got during the Giants/Packers game. :P The Giants have been my secondary team (when you're a 49ers fan, having a secondary team helps with finding something positive at all in football) since almightychrissy posted stuff about Eli Manning and I started paying attention to them and liked the way they played.

As far as I was concerned, today was going to be the last day of football because the Superbowl is always so overshadowed by the commercials and the half-time show and all this stuff that has nothing to do with football. But now that the Giants are going to be playing, I'm kind of looking forward to it, even though they'll probably be clobbered!

As a follow up to that Toskala man-purse clip I posted, I found this on WikiAnswers: Is Vesa Toskala gay? I think my favourite thing about that is being European is apparently "evidence" of being gay!

fullycompletely pointed me to this weep-inducing (for me) blog post by Kelly Hrudey talking about Patty Marleau and what it was like when he lived with Hrudey and his family as a rookie.

Sometimes, I can't help being biased
Friday, January 18, 2008 | 08:00 PM ET

To be truly professional in broadcasting, we’re asked to be unbiased.

What an impossible task!

Last Saturday I broke that rule and I’m okay with that.

For those of you who didn’t catch it, my colleague Scott Oake asked me during the intermission of the Sharks-Leafs game last week if I could explain why San Jose captain Patrick Marleau was having a tough year (his stats are well under his point per game pace of previous seasons). I replied honestly that it was tough to comment given my history with him. Let me explain.

As many people know, Patrick lived with Donna, the girls and I, in my last season in the NHL.

It was Patrick’s rookie season and during training camp Donna and I discussed the idea of having Patrick move in with us considering he was only 18 years old and a good Saskatchewan kid like Donna.

After we decided this would work well for us, I approached the Sharks general manager Dean Lombardi about the idea.

He thought this would be a good fit for the organization also.

The next step was to introduce Patty to our family and see if there was a connection for all of us.

A new family member

Back in 1997, our girls were 11, 8 and 4 so we decided a dinner at the Chart House in Los Gatos (suburb in S.J.) was an ideal place to make the introductions.

Things couldn’t have possibly gone smoother.

We all learned a great deal about each other and it was quickly and mutually agreed upon Pat would be living with us.

We were renting a place in Saratoga (another suburb) that included a small guest house on the property. Pat naturally stayed there while we maintained our family life in the main house.

Quickly we became one family.

Rejuvenated my love for hockey

Patrick and I carpooled often which re-ignited some of my passion for the game and hopefully I passed on some of my experience.

Most days we shared all our meals together including pre- and post-game. Post-game meals were my favourite as we all were winding down from the excitement of another game. We shared many stories and late nights together.

Donna feels Patrick became the big brother the girls never had.

As we grew closer I found it strange, I became unsure if I felt more like a teammate or more like a father figure.

We grew so close in fact; Christmas Eve was a long fun night spent putting the Barbie Motor-home together then moving outside to assemble another gift, the basketball hoop. You know you’re getting really close when you share important holidays together.

We’ve gotten to know Pat’s parents over the years and have watched as Pat matured on and off the ice. Pat is now married to a beautiful girl from S.J. (Christina) with whom they have a son, Logan.

If I'm biased, so be it

To suggest we’re very proud of him is an understatement.

All this past makes it impossible to say a negative comment.

We were entrusted with the duty of caring for Patrick for a year and we are very much like concerned parents when things don’t go as planned.

This year hasn’t been the most productive for Patrick and I think about him often. I know what I better do soon, call him, ask how he’s doing, like a good friend or concerned parent.

Even if it’s not the most professional move.

That I can live with!

First of all, I had no idea that carpooling was so exciting. Secondly, it's stuff like this that makes me love hockey so much. Guys going above and beyond and taking care of each other. It's like... there's something about the sport for the guys that goes beyond the sport. It's hard to explain but it's so special. You see camaraderie in other sports, definitely, but... I don't know. Hockey is almost spiritual, hehe.

Also, I may be kind of stubborn/obsessed and I downloaded someone's 100% of Gimme Shelter on hard for guitar from YouTube so that I could practice at home. *blush*

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That is an incredibly sweet article.

Also, about Toskala, that makes me want to go around "proving" people gay. "He's not gay, he's married." "BUT HE'S EUROPEAN!" "He has five children!" "IT SAID SO ON THE INTERNETS!"

It makes me so weepy! Even though he got the name of Patty's kid wrong. :P

"He's not gay, he's French Canadian." Actually, a good one to "prove" would be Marcel Hossa. :D

Have you been following the Hossa rumors?

If you mean Marian, only a little bit, I think the last I read of him the Wings, Sens and umm, some other team were interested in him.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww *cries* Whenever Mo talks about his billet Mom it makes me cry too.

Dude, didn't he babysit some kid who eventually became an NFL player while he was uhh... being billeted?

NHLer actually. Toby Petersen, I think. So when Dallas went up to Edmonton last year everyone made Mo feel like he was 50 years old. Today during the Ducks telecast the play-by-play guy was talking about guys getting a feel for where to pass on the PK when you spend most of your career killing penalties. They were talking about Mo and how he was awesome, which they found odd since he's only recently been on the pk.... for 7-8 years. Hhahahhaha. It made me laugh because that's really long, but not compared to his entire career.

That's weird, I meant to type NHL but I think I was watching football at the time, hehe. Oh yes, Toby Petersen the diabetic!

It's so weird to think of Mo as getting old. He has very baby features and like, you can start to see it in his face a bit, but... how can it be true???

Ah yes! "The fact remains that with technology and science you can do almost anything you want to do. Should you enter a hot dog eating contest? Probably not. A candy bar eating contest? No. But you can play hockey or soccer or baseball."

Poor boy. Missing out on so many contests.

The other day my sister asked why I don't go to a bunch of games and I suddenly realized that pretty soon my favorite player won't be playing anymore!!!! I got lucky b/c I came into this sport already old. I can't imagine how it would be if I'd been following Mo since I was five.

Now I'm imagining him at a hot dog eating contest, staring wistfully at the contestants.

Meep! That's a pretty scary realization! I mean, I think Thorty's going to retire pretty soon, but that's kind of different because I feel like he's got so much stuff going on outside of hockey. Not that Mo doesn't, but he's such a good player that the hockey is most likely going to overshadow anything else he ever does in his life.

Hockey player is synonymous with Mike Modano. I don't think he's going to do anything else. He's the kinda guy that when he retires, I think, is gonna actually retire for a few years--like golf, go to Cabo, vacay... and then he's gonna get bored. He'll probably work in USA hockey or if Hully's still a GM, he'll probably get him a job.

Oh, god. MOma's gonna be bearing down on him to pop out some grandchildren.

They're going to sit on a porch together in their old age!!! *cries*

GO ELI!!!! When that last pass was intercepted I about fell off the couch, I was so excited.

Hee!!! Thank goodness it took away the trauma of the missed field goal.

Yes! That and I was just wondering if they ended up losing, if the guy who had the holding call which called back that TD would get the crap kicked out if him.

Dude, I feel like there were so many ARGH! moments. Like when they made a stop on third down but then some personal foul or facemask penalty gave the Packers 15 and a first down.

Awwww! I love Kelly Hrudey, and I love Marleau, and I love hockey-love, and . . . um. Basically: LOVE. ::cries::

Hockey is the bestest ever!!! *cries*

Did Toskala ever do his conscription time? I has a theory.

kelly hrudey made me cry ...

He called him a quality person on HNIC! That was enough to make me weepy already. *sniffles*

Bears fan here. I am too excited that the great and powerful Favr is out!!! Plus you know the network was pulling for the Manning/Brady showdown. Just got the younger Manning.

I think that game pretty much made my football season, haha. If the Giants win, that would be awesome, but even if they don't it's still amazing that they made it that far.

Oh I watched that game too! Normally I never watch football, heh heh. It was on b/c Andrew's from WI and he was anxious for Green Bay to win, hah! I enjoyed seeing how cold it was and how everyone's all bundled up; it made me feel warmer. :D

OMG Wisconsin pride, hahaha. You should have watched the game the week before when it was all snowy! The field was all lightly covered with snow (except for the 10 yard markers) and there were light flurries.

Also, Tammy linked me to this nifty slideshow of a fan getting bundled up for the Packers game.

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