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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Vesa Toskala

One (two?) word: man-purse

Wherein Vesa Toskala talks about his man-purse.

He is the gayest boy in recent Sharks history.

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You know, if the Leafs were in better shape right now, the extent of my Vesa-love would probably horrify me.

Omg... I hearts! He's so adorable. Like a Finnish Ken Doll. Can I dress him up? *wibbles* Please?!

Probably! He seems to like dressing up. :P

So I saw the scarf, and thought "wow, that is gay!" and then I saw the shoes and decided that nothing I could see would be gayer. Then the rhinestone Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and I thought THAT took the cake.

But no, you were right, the manpurse. Which he REALLY likes.


He likes it a LOT. Tell me that was not the gayest sentence ever uttered by a professional athlete?? Gayer than LaRussa waxing poetic about how pretty So Taguchi is!

hahaha I'm iwth Chrissy hee

I love the reveals of increasing gayness!!!

the "I like it A LOT!" killed me with laughter, that was great.

He really does love that man-purse!!!

Good golly he's adorable. And also gayer than I could ever dream of being *G*.

And so fantastically comfortable with his gayness!!! :D

He's got a faux-hawk = gay

The scarf = Gay

those shoe = OMGAY

and the man purse "he likes it a lot" (with tongue action) OVER-THE-TOP-SCREAMING-HOMO

Bit I'd still do him. *grins* what? He's got great lips.

And don't forget the sparkly Mickey Mouse T-shirt!!! But yes, the man-purse totally killed me. :D

I don't blame you at all, haha!

Oh, Vesa, Vesa, Vesa... so gay, so precious.

And so at ease with his gayness!!! I love him. :D

Still pretty much the gayest thing ever that doesn't involve CuBro and Griersy.

*squeaks at your icon*

Dude, I can't get over the man-purse.

My favorite thing is his diamond-studded Mickey Mouse tee. You just don't see a man wearing that nowadays. :P

Yeah, I was pretty boggled by that, but it was almost immediately overshadowed by the MAN-PURSE THAT HE LIKES A LOT!!! :D

Oh my how can we not love the very Gay Vesa :)
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *G*

I really don't know how he could have gotten any gayer! Perhaps he could have shown off his assless vinyl pants.

This will be the first game I bring a sign to a game, so I had to make it fabulous. :P

The back:

The front:

You like?

That is totally fabulous!!! Oh man, I'm going to have to re-teal my hair just before the trip, hehe!

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