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Went over to play Rock Band last night and Tessa had to go to sleep early, so we ended up buying clothes and accessories for Alex's character to transform him into Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: TNG.

Alex owns the entire set of Star Trek: TNG DVDs. One day Chip and I thought about it and realised that he'd spent more than 1k on this. So to make fun of him we were going to buy a life-size Geordi La Forge cardboard cutout and put it in Alex's room with no explanation. However when we saw that the thing was like $50 we immediately abandoned the idea. :P

This is the next best thing. :D

My guitar skills are progressing nicely! I'm pretty used to shifting my fingers around in hard difficulty for the orange fret now, and double strumming is... less gimpy than it used to be. ;) I guess the next thing to start doing is hammer-ons/pull-offs. Everyone says they're much easier in Guitar Hero 2 onwards compared to Guitar Hero so I'm not sure if I should start doing it that style and just confuse myself later.

I used up all the battery in one of the guitars and had to go to the store to buy more, hee!
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